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Controlling of communication connection range using acoustic waves emitted from smartphones

, The University of Electro-Communications , Tokyo , Japan 1 Department of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University , Tokyo , Japan 2 Junji Takahashi 3

Precise assembly of ring part with optimized hollowed finger

We deal with a technical issue of assembling a ring part into a shaft part with the clearance of several micrometers by using a robotic manipulator. This issue is difficult because of deformation of a ring part compared with peg-in-hole assembly. We propose a precise assembly method of a ring part with finger shape to solve this issue. We also propose a method to decide design...

η→3π Decays and Octet Scalar Mesons

The η→3π decays are calculated in a meson-pole-dominance model, assuming the existence of an octet of scalar mesons. An SU(3)-symmetric interaction of a scalar meson and two pseudo-scalar mesons is considered. By virtue of this interaction, the η-π0 transition estimated from the ordinary SU(3) argument reproduces the decay rate Γ(η→π+π-π0) = 0.58 KeV, which is in very good...

Analysis of Hyperon Nonleptonic Decay Amplitudes

Hyperon nonleptonic decay amplitudes are analyzed including relative phases and signs under the assumption of CP-invariance. Magnitudes of S- and P-wave amplitudes and their relative phases are evaluated, by taking account of the final state interactions. In Λ- and Ξ-decays, the ΔI = 1/2 rule holds in good accuracy. The relative sign of the amplitude Λ→nπ0 to Λ→pπ- is likely to...

Partial Wave Amplitudes of the Reaction π- + p → η + n

Shosuke SASAKI 0 Junji TAKAHASHI 0 Kazuhiko OZAKI 0 0 Departnzent of Physics, Osalw University , Toyonaka Energy dependent partial wave anlyses for the reaction rc- +p ':"'J+n are carried out with

Current Algebra and Form Factors of the Axial-Vector Current

Akira SATO 0 Yoshimatsu YOKOO 0 Junji TAKAHASHI 0 0 Department of Physics, Osaka University , Toyona!?a, Osaka Sum rules which relate the axial-vector and the induced pseudoscalar form factors of