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Release and uptake mechanisms of vesicular Ca2+ stores

; vesicles; refilling; organelle membrane contact sites (MCSs) - Junsheng Yang and Zhuangzhuang Zhao contributed equally to this work. Ca2+ is a common second messenger in the cell that has been implicated ... , transient receptor potential; VAP, vesicle-associated membrane protein; VDACs, voltage-dependent anion channels; VGCCs, voltagegated Ca2+ channels. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Junsheng Yang

The non-equilibrium phase diagrams of flow-induced crystallization and melting of polyethylene

, Jianzhu Ju, Junsheng Yang, Dong Liu, Kunpeng Cui, Haoran Yang, Jiarui Chang, Ningdong Huang & Liangbin LiTianjin Key Laboratory of Composite and Functional Materials, and School of Materials Science and ... ScholarSearch for Junsheng Yang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Zhe Ma in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Dong Liu in:Nature Research journals • PubMed

Mobility of the first metatarsal-cuneiform joint in patients with and without hallux valgus: in vivo three-dimensional analysis using computerized tomography scan

computerized tomography scan Xiang Geng 0 Chen Wang 0 Xin Ma Xu Wang Jiazhang Huang Chao Zhang Jian Xu Junsheng Yang 0 Equal contributors Department of Orthopedics, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University , 12

Mediator tail subunits can form amyloid-like aggregates in vivo and affect stress response in yeast

The Med2, Med3 and Med15 proteins form a heterotrimeric subdomain in the budding yeast Mediator complex. This Med15 module is an important target for many gene specific transcription activators. A previous proteome wide screen in yeast identified Med3 as a protein with priogenic potential. In the present work, we have extended this observation and demonstrate that both Med3 and...

Three-dimensional motions of distal syndesmosis during walking

Introduction The motion of the distal syndesmosis correlates highly with the instability, while an accurate kinematic description of the distal tibiofibular joint during normal gait has not previously been presented. Material and methods Sixteen healthy syndesmoses of sixteen living subjects (8 male and 8 female) were studied during stance phase of the normal gait. Data of CT...

Essential Genetic Interactors of SIR2 Required for Spatial Sequestration and Asymmetrical Inheritance of Protein Aggregates

Sir2 is a central regulator of yeast aging and its deficiency increases daughter cell inheritance of stress- and aging-induced misfolded proteins deposited in aggregates and inclusion bodies. Here, by quantifying traits predicted to affect aggregate inheritance in a passive manner, we found that a passive diffusion model cannot explain Sir2-dependent failures in mother-biased...

Simultaneous tracking of movement and gene expression in multiple Drosophila melanogaster flies using GFP and DsRED fluorescent reporter transgenes

Background Fluorescent proteins such as GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) and DsRED (Discosoma sp.Red Fluorescent Protein) are often used as reporter molecules for transgene expression in Drosophila and other species. We have recently reported methods that allow simultaneous tracking of animal movement and GFP expression in real time, however the assay was limited to single animals...

Simultaneous tracking of fly movement and gene expression using GFP

Background Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) is used extensively as a reporter for transgene expression in Drosophila and other organisms. However, GFP has not generally been used as a reporter for circadian patterns of gene expression, and it has not previously been possible to correlate patterns of reporter expression with 3D movement and behavior of transgenic animals. Results...