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The Binomial Distribution of Hydrogen and Deuterium in Arsanes, Diarsanes, and Triarsanes Generated from As(Iii)/[BH n D4-n ]− and the Effect of Trace Amounts of Rh(Iii) Ions

Recent studies of the formation of arsane in the borohydride/arsenate reaction demonstrate the occurrence of condensation cascades whereby small quantities of di- and triarsanes are formed. In this study, the isotopic composition of these di- and triarsanes was examined using deuterium labelled borohydrides. A statistical model was employed to construct the mass spectra of all...

Mass spectrometric separation and quantitation of overlapping isotopologues. Deuterium containing hydrides of As, Sb, Bi, Sn, and Ge

Mass spectra of fully and partially deuterated As, Sb, Bi, Ge, and Sn hydrides have been obtained using several mathematical approaches aimed at signal extraction and reconstruction. Study of such hydride mixtures is important for the elucidation of hydride generation mechanisms. In this approach, mass spectra of partially deuterated isotopomers, i.e., AsH2D and AsHD2, are...

Mass spectrometric separation and quantitation of overlapping isotopologues. H2O/HOD/D2O and H2Se/HDSe/D2Se mixtures

Three conceptually different mathematical methods are presented for accurate mass spectrometric determination of H2O/HOD/D2O and H2Se/HDSe/D2Se concentrations from mixtures. These are alternating least-squares, weighted two-band target entropy minimization, and a statistical mass balance model. The otherwise nonmeasurable mass spectra of partially deuterated isotopologues (HOD...