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Human and nonhuman bioethics

Monash Bioeth. Rev. Michael J. Selgelid 0 Justin Oakley 0 Monash University, Clayton, Australia 0 Michael J. Selgelid


Monash Bioeth. Rev. Justin Oakley 0 0 Monash University , Clayton , Australia We begin this issue of Monash Bioethics Review with three valuable contributions to current debates about the ethics

‘After-birth abortion’ and arguments from potential

Hursthouse, Ibid; R. Io Kornegay,'Hursthouse's virtue ethics and abortion: Abortion ethics without metaphysics?' Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 14, 2011, 51-71; and Justin Oakley, 'Reproductive cloning and


Monash Bioeth. Rev. Justin Oakley 0 Michael J. Selgelid 0 0 J. Oakley M. J. Selgelid (&) Melbourne , Australia - We are delighted to bring you this special double issue of Monash Bioethics Review

Ethical and scientific considerations for patient enrollment into concurrent clinical trials

Researchers and institutional review boards often consider it inappropriate for patients to be asked to consent to more than one study despite there being no regulatory prohibition on co-enrollment in most countries. There are however ethical, safety, statistical, and practical considerations relevant to co-enrollment, particularly in surgery and perioperative medicine, but co...