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Buckwheat: a crop from outside the major Chinese domestication centres? A review of the archaeobotanical, palynological and genetic evidence

The two cultivated species of buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum (common buckwheat) and F. tataricum (Tartary buckwheat) are Chinese domesticates whose origins are usually thought to lie in upland southwestern China, outside the major centres of agricultural origins associated with rice and millet. Synthesis of the macro- and microfossil evidence for buckwheat cultivation in China...

Characteristics and Circumstances of U.S. Women Who Obtain Very Early and Second-Trimester Abortions

. Effect of mifepristone on abortion access in the United States . Obstetrics & Gynecology 2009 ; 114 ( 3 ): 623 ± 30 . 13. O 'Connell K , Jones HE , Simon M , Saporta V , Paul M , Lichtenberg ES . First

Cleaning Reduces Mycotoxin Contamination in Corn

. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors A. Yoder, Michael D. Tokach, J. M. DeRouchey, C. B. Paulk, C. R. Stark, and C. K. Jones This Feed

The Effect of Hammermill Screen Hole Diameter and Hammer Tip Speed on Particle Size and Flowability of Ground Corn

time in the mill. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors M. Saensukjaroenphon, C. E. Evans, K. H. Sheldon, C. K. Jones, C. B. Paulk

I Can See Clearly Now: Using Active Visualisation to Improve Adherence to ART and PrEP

Non-adherence remains a perplexing issue in HIV treatment. After decades of research supporting the efficacy of antiretroviral therapy, non-adherence to medication remains an important issue. For patients who are non-adherent to anti-retroviral therapy (ART), there appears to be a mismatch between their model of illness and the necessity for ART treatment. We propose that ‘active...

Estimating the prevalence of food risk increasing behaviours in UK kitchens

Foodborne disease poses a serious threat to public health. In the UK, half a million cases are linked to known pathogens and more than half of all outbreaks are associated with catering establishments. The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has initiated the UK Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in which commercial food establishments are inspected and scored with the results made public. In...

The Effects of Cold Pelleting and Separation of Fine Corn Particles on Growth Performance and Economic Return in Nursery Pigs

A total of 320 pigs (DNA 241 × 600; initially 22.5 lb BW) were used in a 21-d experiment to determine the effects on pelleting technique and removing fine corn particles (< 150 microns) on nursery pig growth performance. There were 5 pigs per pen and 8 pens per treatment and diets were all manufactured using corn ground to 400 microns. Diets were fed as a mash or pelleted using a...

Quantifying Medium Chain Fatty Acid Mitigation Activity Over Time against Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Nursery Pig Diets

. S. Dritz, J. C. Woodworth, A. R. Huss, C. R. Stark, J. M. DeRouchey, M. D. Tokach, R. D. Goodband, J. F. Bai, Q. Chen, J. Zhang, P. C. Gauger, R. Main, and C. K. Jones. 2016. Evaluating the inclusion ... significant evidence that at least one dietary treatment differed from 5 Gebhardt, J. T., J. C. Woodworth, C. K. Jones, M. D. Tokach, J. M. DeRouchey, R. D. Goodband, R. A. Cochrane, C. R. Stark, J. Bergstrom

Survival of viral pathogens in animal feed ingredients under transboundary shipping models

, Travis Clement, Gilbert Patterson, Maureen A. Sheahan, Cassandra K. Jones, Jon De Jong, Ju Ji, Gordon D. Spronk, Luke Minion, Jane Christopher-Hennings, Jeff J. Zimmerman, Raymond R. R. Rowland, Eric

Can volunteering in later life reduce the risk of dementia? A 5-year longitudinal study among volunteering and non-volunteering retired seniors

We propose that voluntary work, characterized by social, physical and cognitive activity in later life is associated with fewer cognitive problems and lower dementia rates. We test these assumptions using 3-wave, self-reported, and registry data from the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Swedish National Prescribed Drug Register. We had three groups of seniors in our data: 1) no volunteering...

Effects of Standardized Ileal Digestible Lysine on 15- to 25-lb Nursery Pigs

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors G. E. Nichols, C. M. Vier, A. B. Clark, M. B. Menegat, H. S. Cemin, C. K. Jones, J. M. DeRouchey, M. D. Tokach, R. D. Goodband, J. C. Woodworth, and S. S

A step-by-step approach to improve data quality when using commercial business lists to characterize retail food environments

Background Food environment characterization in health studies often requires data on the location of food stores and restaurants. While commercial business lists are commonly used as data sources for such studies, current literature provides little guidance on how to use validation study results to make decisions on which commercial business list to use and how to maximize the...

Plan, Practice, Participate: Tips for Libraries Considering Implementation of EBSCO Discovery Service

IT staff, as coding for the search box will be necessary when the custom catalog is built. By Alison K. Jones Tip 2: Create an action plan and adhere to deadlines In order to create the custom ... filter to generate the most relevant results to their research. Alison K. Jones is Cataloger/Systems Librarian at Charleston School of Law

The Effect of Liquid Application Times, and Mixer Types with Different Wet Mix Times on Uniformity of Mix

Liquid addition systems are often designed to add liquid ingredients with the shortest application time in order to increase the batching capacity and efficiency of the mixing process. The quantity of liquid that is added into the mixer affects batch cycle time, particularly when there is a programmed “wet mix” time, or mixing time after liquid application has completed. Shorter...

Effect of Sample Preparation and Extended Mix Times with Different Salt Particle Sizes on the Uniformity of Mix of a Corn-Soybean Meal Swine Diet

The uniformity of a feed mixture is determined from the coefficient of variation (CV) of 10 samples in a single batch of feed. The feed industry standard is a CV of less than 10% using a single source tracer, such as salt, trace minerals, or iron filings. The objectives of these experiments were to determine the effects of 1) extended mix time, 2) particle size of the marker, and...

Journey to the east: Diverse routes and variable flowering times for wheat and barley en route to prehistoric China

Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (InCEES). Author Contributions Data curation: Xinyi Liu. Conceptualization: Xinyi Liu, Diane L. Lister, Xiongsheng Zeng, Martin K. Jones. Formal ... analysis: Xinyi Liu, Penelope J. Jones, Richard A. Staff, Jennifer Bates, Giedre Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, Guanghui Dong, Hongen Jiang, Duo Tian, Liping Zhou, Xiaohong Wu, Martin K. Jones. Funding

Characterizing the rapid spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) through an animal food manufacturing facility

. Woodworth, Rodger G. Main, Steve S. Dritz, Cassandra K. Jones. Data curation: Roger A. Cochrane, Charles R. Stark, Jason C. Woodworth, Jianfa Bai, Elizabeth G. Poulsen, Qi Chen, Rodger G. Main, Jianqiang ... Zhang, Phillip C. Gauger, Alejandro Ramirez, Rachel J. Derscheid, Drew M. Magstadt, Steve S. Dritz, Cassandra K. Jones. Formal analysis: Anne R. Huss, Jason C. Woodworth, Steve S. Dritz, Cassandra K

Effects of Varying Methodologies on Grain Particle Size Analysis

Particle size reduction is an important component of feed manufacturing that impacts pellet quality, feed flowability, and pig feed efficiency. The correct determination of particle size is important for feed manufacturers, nutritionists, and pork producers to meet target specifications. The current method for determining the geometric mean diameter (dgw) and geometric standard...