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Bayesian Analysis of Discrete Skewed Laplace Distribution

parameter estimation. A. Hossianzadeh is in the Department of Statistics. Email them at: . K. Zare is in the Department of Statistics. Discrete Skewed Laplace Distribution Yu and Zhang (2005) and

Synthesis, characterization, and application of nickel oxide/CNT nanocomposites to remove Pb2+ from aqueous solution

In this study, the efficiency of nickel oxide/carbon nanotube (NiO/CNT) nanocomposite to remove Pb2+ from aqueous solution is investigated. NiO/CNT nanocomposite was prepared using the direct coprecipitation method in an aqueous media in the presence of CNTs. Samples were characterized using simultaneous thermal analysis (STA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), filed emission scanning...

Kinetics adsorption study of the ethidium bromide by graphene oxide as adsorbent from aqueous matrices

In this study of ethidium bromide, adsorption from aqueous matrices by graphene oxide as adsorbent was investigated. Influencing parameters in the adsorption study included contact time, temperature, and pH. The optimum time was selected 17 min, and the best value of pH was determined at 8. All adsorption experiments were performed at 298 K temperature. The maximum wavelength of...

Survey of quantum mechanic calculations on combination of carbon nanotube and Methotrexate drug

The combination of a carbon nanotube and Methotrexate (an ordinary form of anticancer drug) was investigated based on the Hartree–Fock theory calculations in the gas phase, water and ethanol environment. Thermodynamic functions including Gibbs free energy, entropy, enthalpy changes were computed at different temperatures. We found a relation between dipole moment of the solute...

Reversing Symmetries in a Two-Parameter Family of Area-Preserving Maps

K. Zare 1 K. Tanikawa 0 0 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan , Mitaka 181-8588, Japan 1 Department of Mathematics, Texas State University , San Marcus, Tx 78666, USA The integrable twist map

A regularization of the three body problem

Problem', by S. J. Aarseth and K. Zare (Celestial Mechanics 10, 185): p. 185: in line 3 from below, for 'resolutions' read ' solutions' p. 195: in the second of Equations (55), for ~1; read q;