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Abstracts from the 2012 BNOS Conference

BY HYPERMETHYLATION IN PAEDIATRIC EPENDYMOMA K Karakoula, KP Phipps, W Harkness, R Hayward, D Thompson, TS Jacques, B Harding, J Darling, and T Warr; Brain Tumour UK Neuro-Oncology Research Centre

Chromosome analysis of bovine oocytes cultured in vitro

, Desjardin M, Xu KP, Bousquet D (1990) Chromosome analysis of horse oocytes in vitro. Genet Sel Evol 22, 151-160 Krallinger HF (1927) Uber die Chromosomenzahl beim Rind sowie einige allgemeine Bemerkungen uber

A 16S rDNA-based molecular profiling approach for studying relative changes in ruminal bacterial populations

ecological studies. SH DD1,uunnccana’n KP Scott CS Stewart HJ F1lint F T2hompson-Carter TH 2Yennington (’Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB2l 9SB, U;K D2epartment of Medical Microbiology ... . Stahl DA , Flesher B , Mansfield HR , Montgomery L ( 1988 ) Appl Environ Microbiol 54 , 1079 - 1084 2. Wood J , Avgustin G , Scott KP , Flint HJ ( 1995 ) In: Beijerinck Centennial, Abstracts Book, The

Development of a multi-locus sequence typing scheme for Laribacter hongkongensis, a novel bacterium associated with freshwater fish-borne gastroenteritis and traveler's diarrhea

Background Laribacter hongkongensis is a newly discovered, facultative anaerobic, Gram-negative, motile, sea gull-shaped rod associated with freshwater fish borne gastroenteritis and traveler's diarrhea. A highly reproducible and discriminative typing system is essential for better understanding of the epidemiology of L. hongkongensis. In this study, a multilocus sequence typing...

A novel mobile chromosomal element conferring TcR in rumen Butyrivibrio species

bacteria 1. Scott KP , Barbosa TM , Forbes KJ , Flint HJ ( 1997 ) Appl Environ Microbiol 63 , 3405 - 34111

A novel mobile chromosomal element conferring TcR in rumen Butyrivibrio species

bacteria 1. Scott KP , Barbosa TM , Forbes KJ , Flint HJ ( 1997 ) Appl Environ Microbiol 63 , 3405 - 34111

Radiological analysis of children with cystic fibrosis who are homozygous for cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator mutation S549R (T→G)

Biol Clin 1996 ; 54 : 235 ± 41 . 9. Stern RC . The diagnosis of cystic ®brosis . New Engl J Med 1997 ; 336 : 487 ± 91 . 10. Dawson KP , Frossard PM . Cystic ®brosis in the United Arab Emirates: an under ... -recognised condition? Tropical Doctor 1995 ; 25 : 110 ± 11 . 11. Frossard PM , Girodon E , Dawson KP , et al. Identi®cation of cystic ®brosis mutations in the United Arab Emirates . Hum Mut 1997 ; Mutation in

Impact of immune escape mutations on HIV-1 fitness in the context of the cognate transmitted/founder genome

Background A modest change in HIV-1 fitness can have a significant impact on viral quasispecies evolution and viral pathogenesis, transmission and disease progression. To determine the impact of immune escape mutations selected by cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) on viral fitness in the context of the cognate transmitted/founder (T/F) genome, we developed a new competitive fitness...

Vasculogenic impotence and cavernosal oxygen tension

of erection in the monkey . J Urol 1983 ; 130 : 1237 . 8 Newman HF , Northup JD . Mechanisms of human penile erection: an overview . Urology 1981 ; 17 : 399 ± 408 . 9 Fournier GR , Jr, Juenemann KP

Case report. Intracranial haemorrhage due to vitamin K deficiency following gastroenteritis in an infant

Breastfed infants who are not given supplemental vitamin K after birth may develop vitamin K deficiency following gastroenteritis. Severe intracranial haemorrhage may occur.

The C5a anaphylatoxin receptor CD88 is expressed in presynaptic terminals of hippocampal mossy fibres

Background In the periphery, C5a acts through the G-protein coupled receptor CD88 to enhance/maintain inflammatory responses. In the brain, CD88 can be expressed on astrocytes, microglia and neurons. Previous studies have shown that the hippocampal CA3 region displays CD88-immunolabelling, and CD88 mRNA is present within dentate gyrus granule cells. As granule cells send dense...

Brief report. Respiratory distress syndrome among neonates admitted at Muhimbili Medical Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A prospective unmatched case-control study of 256 neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) and 256 controls was conducted to study risk factors and outcome during March to November 1995. RDS contributed to 6 per cent of all neonatal admissions and was significantly associated with lower birthweights, gestational age, birth asphyxia and male sex. Maternal hypertension...