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A Robotic Flexible Drill and Its Navigation System for Total Hip Arthroplasty

This paper presents a robotic flexible drill and its navigation system for total hip arthroplasty (THA). The new robotic system provides an unprecedented and unique capability to perform curved femoral milling under the guidance of a multimodality navigation system. The robotic system consists of three components. Firstly, a flexible drill manipulator comprises multiple rigid...

Anoxybacillus suryakundensis sp. nov, a Moderately Thermophilic, Alkalitolerant Bacterium Isolated from Hot Spring at Jharkhand, India

Kamal Deep 0 Abhijit Poddar 0 Subrata K. Das 0 Paul Jaak Janssen, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK/CEN, Belgium 0 Institute of Life Sciences, Department of Biotechnology , Bhubaneswar , India Four

Cognitive radio for vehicular ad hoc networks (CR-VANETs): approaches and challenges

With growing interest in using cognitive radio (CR) technology in wireless communication systems for vehicles, it is envisioned that future vehicles will be CR-enabled. This paper discusses CR technologies for vehicular networks aimed at improving vehicular communication efficiency. CR for vehicular networks has the potential of becoming a killer CR application in the future due...