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A string theory which isn’t about strings

Quantization of closed string proceeds with a suitable choice of worldsheet vacuum. A priori, the vacuum may be chosen independently for left-moving and right-moving sectors. We construct ab initio quantized bosonic string theory with left-right asymmetric worldsheet vacuum and explore its consequences and implications. We critically examine the validity of new vacuum and carry out ...

Effective action for non-geometric fluxes duality covariant actions

The (heterotic) double field theories and the exceptional field theories are manifestly duality covariant formulations, describing low-energy limit of various super-string and M-theory compactifications. These field theories are known to be reduced to the standard descriptions by introducing appropriately parameterized generalized metric and by applying suitably chosen section ...

Incorporation of fermions into double field theory

Based on the stringy differential geometry we proposed earlier, we incorporate fermions such as gravitino and dilatino into double field theory in a manifestly covariant manner with regard to O(D, D) T-duality, diffeomorphism, one-form gauge symmetry for B-field and a pair of local Lorentz symmetries. We note that there are two kinds of fermions in double field theory: O(D, D) ...