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Patterns of Family Formation in Response to Sex Ratio Variation

The impact that unbalanced sex ratios have on health and societal outcomes is of mounting contemporary concern. However, it is increasingly unclear whether it is male- or female-biased sex ratios that are associated with family and social instability. From a socio-demographic perspective, male-biased sex ratios leave many men unable to find a mate, elevating competition among ...

Sibling Competition & Growth Tradeoffs. Biological vs. Statistical Significance

Early childhood growth has many downstream effects on future health and reproduction and is an important measure of offspring quality. While a tradeoff between family size and child growth outcomes is theoretically predicted in high-fertility societies, empirical evidence is mixed. This is often attributed to phenotypic variation in parental condition. However, inconsistent study ...

Mobility and Navigation among the Yucatec Maya

, UT , USA 2 Karen L. Kramer 3 Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University , Cambridge, MA , USA Sex differences in range size and navigation are widely reported, with males ... ) project, which aims to understand how navigational demands affect spatial cognition, and how these differ for men and women through the lifespan and cross-culturally. Karen L. Kramer is a behavioral