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Efficient Sampling Methods for Discrete Distributions

We study the fundamental problem of the exact and efficient generation of random values from a finite and discrete probability distribution. Suppose that we are given n distinct events with associated probabilities \(p_1, \dots , p_n\). First, we consider the problem of sampling from the distribution where the i-th event has probability proportional to \(p_i\). Second, we study...

Approximability of the Discrete Fr\'echet Distance

S o C G ' Approximability of the Discrete Fréchet Distance Karl Bringmann 0 Wolfgang Mulzer 0 0 Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Institut für Informatik, Freie ... between two polygonal curves . Internat. J. Comput. Geom. Appl. , 5 ( 1 -2): 78 - 99 , 1995 . Karl Bringmann . Why walking the dog takes time: Fréchet distance has no strongly subquadratic algorithms unless