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Effect of composition and drying method on glass transition temperature, water sorption characteristics and surface morphology of newly designed β-lactoglobulin/retinyl palmitate/disaccharides systems

In the study, MDSC method was used to evaluate thermal properties of β-lactoglobulin–retinyl palmitate products enriched in disaccharides. Additionally, sorption behavior of powders was determined to define their stability. The obtained powders were also examined and visualized with scanning electron microscopy to find the relationship between food processing conditions and...

The influence of trehalose–maltodextrin and lactose–maltodextrin matrices on thermal and sorption properties of spray-dried β-lactoglobulin–vitamin D3 complexes

In the study, the effect of lactose–maltodextrin and trehalose–maltodextrin matrices on the glass transition temperatures and moisture sorption characteristics of spray-dried β-lactoglobulin–vitamin D3 complexes was investigated. Incorporation of sugars into complexes can influence the thermal properties and moisture sorption characteristics of powders. The glass transition...