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Valorization of Biomass into Micronutrient Fertilizers

of Technology , Smoluchowskiego 25, 50-372 Wrocław , Poland 1 Katarzyna Chojnacka Biological waste constitutes a resource that could be valorised into micronutrient fertilizers. Micronutrient

Do Dietary Habits Influence Trace Elements Release from Fixed Orthodontic Appliances?

coefficients yielded the information on the possible Marcin Mikulewicz Katarzyna Chojnacka magnification of metal ions released as the result of the additional factor consumption of acidic food or drink that

Bioconversion of Baltic Seaweeds into Organic Compost

Purpose Large quantities of green seaweeds, resulting from the eutrophication, are cast ashore on the beaches of Baltic Sea (Poland). There is a necessity to collect this biomass and dispose in a cost-effective and environmental-friendly method. In the present paper, preliminary study on the possibility of composting of Baltic algae is described. After 8 weeks, algal compost and...

Biological and Pro-Angiogenic Properties of Genetically Modified Human Primary Myoblasts Overexpressing Placental Growth Factor in In Vitro and In Vivo Studies

Cardiovascular diseases are a growing problem in developing countries; therefore, there is an ongoing intensive search for new approaches to treat these disorders. Currently, cellular therapies are focused on healing the damaged heart by implanting stem cells modified with pro-angiogenic factors. This approach ensures that the introduced cells are capable of fulfilling the...

Valuable natural products from marine and freshwater macroalgae obtained from supercritical fluid extracts

The biologically active compounds (fatty acids, pigments, phenolics, and flavonoid content) were studied in supercritical fluid extracts from the biomass of marine (Ulva clathrata, Cladophora glomerata, Polysiphonia fucoides, and their multi-species mixture) and freshwater (C. glomerata) macroalgae. Different extraction techniques were used in order to compare differences in the...

"Nowe państwo" a nowa gospodarka : wyzwania i problemy

P R O B L E M Y U S Ł U G N R 104 KATARZYNA CHOJNACKA Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach „NOWE PAŃSTWO” A NOWA GOSPODARKA - WYZWANIA I PROBLEMY Wprowadzenie „Stare problemy trzeba

Exposure of Cleft Lip and Palate Patients to Toxic Elements Released during Orthodontic Treatment in the Study of Non-Invasive Matrices

The Objective The aim of the study was evaluation of metal ions (nickel and chromium) released from orthodontic appliances in cleft lip and palate patients and the usefulness of non-invasive matrices (saliva and hair). Materials and Methods The material studied consisted of 100 individuals, including 59 females and 41 males of 5 to 16 years of age, which were divided into 3...

Flutamide induces alterations in the cell-cell junction ultrastructure and reduces the expression of Cx43 at the blood-testis barrier with no disturbance in the rat seminiferous tubule morphology

Background Present study was designed to establish a causal connection between changes in the cell-cell junction protein expression at the blood-testis barrier and alterations in the adult rat testis histology following an anti-androgen flutamide exposure. Particular emphasis was placed on the basal ectoplasmic specialization (ES) in the seminiferous epithelium and expression of...

Determination of exposure to lead of subjects from southwestern Poland by human hair analysis

Izabela Michalak Paulina Woowiec Katarzyna Chojnacka The aim of the present work was to investigate the exposure to lead from various sources by investigation of mineral composition of human

Metal Ions Released from Fixed Orthodontic Appliance Affect Hair Mineral Content

The objective was to evaluate metal ion accumulation in hair of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances in time. The patients (N = 47) participated in a questionnaire survey. Hair sampling was performed at the beginning and in the 4th, 8th, and 12th month of the treatment. The content of metals (Cr, Ni, Fe) in hair was analyzed by ICP–OES equipped with USN...

The Application of Biosorption for Production of Micronutrient Fertilizers Based on Waste Biomass

ukasz Tuhy Mateusz Samoraj Izabela Michalak Katarzyna Chojnacka 0 ) Gdaska 7/9, 50-344 Wrocaw, Poland In the present paper, new environmental-friendly fertilizer components were produced in

Effects of anions on the biosorption of microelement cations by macroalga Enteromorpha prolifera in single- and multi-metal systems

The results of research on the effects of anions on the biosorption of microelement cations by the edible marine macroalga Enteromorpha prolifera in single- and multi-metal systems are discussed in this paper. It was shown that the maximum biosorption capacity (q max) in a single-metal system of Co(II) ions decreased in the following sequence: Cl− (46.0 mg g−1) > SO4 2− (42.8 mg...

State of the Art for the Biosorption Process—a Review

Izabela Michalak 0 Katarzyna Chojnacka 0 Anna Witek-Krowiak 0 0 A. Witek-Krowiak Division of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Wrocaw University of Technology , Norwida 4/6, 50-373

Cytocompatibility of Medical Biomaterials Containing Nickel by Osteoblasts: a Systematic Literature Review

The present review is based on a survey of 21 studies on the cytocompatibility of medical biomaterials containing nickel, as assessed by cell culture of human and animal osteoblasts or osteoblast-like cells. Among the biomaterials evaluated were stainless steel, NiTi alloys, pure Ni, Ti, and other pure metals. The materials were either commercially available, prepared by the...

Relation between mineral composition of human hair and common illnesses

The aim of the present study was to find the relation between mineral composition of human hair and illnesses such as infections of the respiratory system, asthma, vertigo, migraine, nervousness, hair loss, dandruff, brittle fingernails and white spots on fingernails. The mineral content of human hair was determined by multielemental analysis using ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Information...

Using ICP-OES and SEM-EDX in biosorption studies

Izabela Michalak 0 Katarzyna Chojnacka 0 Krzysztof Marycz 0 0 K. Marycz Department of Hygiene and Ichtiology, Electron Microscope Laboratory, Environmental and Life Science University , Chemoskiego

Release of Metal Ions from Orthodontic Appliances: An In Vitro Study

In this paper, we report the results of an in vitro experiment on the release of metal ions from orthodontic appliances composed of alloys containing iron, chromium, nickel, silicon, and molybdenum into artificial saliva. The concentrations of magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, calcium, titanium, vanadium, manganese, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, nickel...

Influence of Incubation Conditions on Hydrolysis Efficiency and Iodine Enrichment in Baker’s Yeast

The influence of incubation conditions, enzyme type, hydrolysis time, and potassium iodide concentration on hydrolysis and iodine enrichment were studied in supernatant and pellets of Saccharomyces cervisiae hydrolysates. The type of enzyme used and incubation time significantly influence hydrolysis efficiency and protein concentration in supernatant and pellet. The highest...

Iodine Concentration in Fodder Influences the Dynamics of Iodine Levels in Hen's Egg Components

In this study we determined the availability and accumulation of iodine in selected structures in hen's eggs: yolk, albumen, and eggshells. Iodine was administered as a yeast-derived biological complex mixed in standard fodder mix “DJ” to laying hens in their maximum egg yield period. The feeding period was sustained for 12 weeks, resulting in iodine enrichment in yolk and...

Morphological and functional alterations in adult boar epididymis: Effects of prenatal and postnatal administration of flutamide

Background The dynamic cross-talk between epididymal cells is hormonally regulated and, in part, through direct cell-to-cell interactions. To date, no information is available regarding possible impact of anti-androgens on the proteins involved in the gap junctional communication within the boar epididymis. Thus, a question arised whether prenatal or postnatal exposure to an anti...