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Distribution of vesicle pools in cerebellar parallel fibre terminals after depression of ectopic transmission

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Katharine L. Dobson, Tomas C. Bellamy. Data curation: Katharine L. Dobson, Zoe H. Smith, Tomas C. Bellamy. Formal analysis: Katharine L. Dobson, Zoe H. Smith, Tomas ... C. Bellamy. Funding acquisition: Tomas C. Bellamy. Investigation: Katharine L. Dobson. Methodology: Katharine L. Dobson, Tomas C. Bellamy. Project administration: Tomas C. Bellamy. Resources

Localization of Presynaptic Plasticity Mechanisms Enables Functional Independence of Synaptic and Ectopic Transmission in the Cerebellum

Sciences, University of Nottingham Medical School, Nottingham NG7 2UH, UK Received 27 February 2015; Accepted 28 May 2015 Academic Editor: Michel Baudry Copyright © 2015 Katharine L. Dobson and Tomas C

Plasticity of Neuron-Glial Transmission: Equipping Glia for Long-Term Integration of Network Activity

The capacity of synaptic networks to express activity-dependent changes in strength and connectivity is essential for learning and memory processes. In recent years, glial cells (most notably astrocytes) have been recognized as active participants in the modulation of synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity, implicating these electrically nonexcitable cells in information...

Caffeine Modulates Vesicle Release and Recovery at Cerebellar Parallel Fibre Terminals, Independently of Calcium and Cyclic AMP Signalling

Background Cerebellar parallel fibres release glutamate at both the synaptic active zone and at extrasynaptic sites—a process known as ectopic release. These sites exhibit different short-term and long-term plasticity, the basis of which is incompletely understood but depends on the efficiency of vesicle release and recycling. To investigate whether release of calcium from...