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Increase in suicides the months after the death of Robin Williams in the US

-Tenorio, Katherine M. Keyes. Formal analysis: David S. Fink, Julian Santaella-Tenorio. Investigation: David S. Fink. Methodology: David S. Fink, Katherine M. Keyes. Supervision: Katherine M. Keyes ... . Visualization: David S. Fink, Julian Santaella-Tenorio. Writing ± original draft: David S. Fink, Julian Santaella-Tenorio, Katherine M. Keyes. Writing ± review & editing: David S. Fink, Julian Santaella-Tenorio

Risk markers for fatal and non-fatal prescription drug overdose: a meta-analysis

Background Drug overdose is a public health crisis in the United States, due in part to the unintended consequences of increases in prescribing of opioid analgesics. Many clinicians evaluate risk markers for opioid-related harms when prescribing opioids for chronic pain; however, more data on predictive risk markers are needed. Risk markers are attributes (modifiable and non...

High birth weight and perinatal mortality among siblings: A register based study in Norway, 1967-2011

Background Perinatal mortality according to birth weight has an inverse J-pattern. Our aim was to estimate the influence of familial factors on this pattern, applying a cohort sibling design. We focused on excess mortality among macrosomic infants (>2 SD above the mean) and hypothesized that the birth weight-mortality association could be explained by confounding shared family...

Mortality from motorcycle crashes: the baby-boomer cohort effect

Background Motorcyclists are known to be at substantially higher risk per mile traveled of dying from crashes than car occupants. In 2014, motorcycling made up less than 1 % of person-miles traveled but 13 % of the total mortality from motor-vehicle crashes in the United States. We assessed the cohort effect of the baby-boomers (i.e., those born between 1946 and 1964) in...

Current Practices in Teaching Introductory Epidemiology: How We Got Here, Where to Go

University , New York, New York (Katherine M. Keyes, Sandro Galea). We thank Drs. Alfredo Morabia, Hal Morgenstern, and Sharon Schwartz for helpful comments on the manuscript. We thank Angelina Caruso for

The expanding scope of psychiatric epidemiology in the 21st century

The series of reviews commissioned by SPPE over the past year shed important insights on the current state of psychiatric epidemiology [1–5]. Our reading of this series has led us into discussions of the scope and goals of our discipline, and how, within a historical context, it is expanding in both predicted and unforeseen ways. In this editorial we first reflect on the history...

Effects of minimum legal drinking age on alcohol and marijuana use: evidence from toxicological testing data for fatally injured drivers aged 16 to 25 years

Katherine M Keyes 0 Joanne E Brady 0 Guohua Li 0 0 Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health , 722 West 168th Street, Suite 503, New York, NY 10032 , USA Background

Work stress and alcohol consumption among adolescents: moderation by family and peer influences

Background Excessive alcohol use in adolescence can be detrimental to health and academic performance. Few studies consider the moderating effects of parental and peer influence within the context of adolescent work outside of the school environment. This study aims to examine work stress among adolescents and the association with alcohol use and drunkenness, in the context of...

The Network Structure of Symptoms of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Although current classification systems have greatly contributed to the reliability of psychiatric diagnoses, they ignore the unique role of individual symptoms and, consequently, potentially important information is lost. The network approach, in contrast, assumes that psychopathology results from the causal interplay between psychiatric symptoms and focuses specifically on...

An International Contrast of Rates of Placental Abruption: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

Background Although rare, placental abruption is implicated in disproportionately high rates of perinatal morbidity and mortality. Understanding geographic and temporal variations may provide insights into possible amenable factors of abruption. We examined abruption frequencies by maternal age, delivery year, and maternal birth cohorts over three decades across seven countries...

Age, Period, and Cohort Effects in Psychological Distress in the United States and Canada

(Katherine M. Keyes); Department of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Ryan Nicholson, Jolene Kinley); Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University, Stanford, California (Sarah

Country-level and individual correlates of overweight and obesity among primary school children: a cross-sectional study in seven European countries

Background The present study aims to estimate childhood overweight and obesity prevalence and their association with individual and population-level correlates in Eastern and Western European countries. Methods Data were obtained from the School Children Mental Health in Europe, a cross-sectional survey conducted in 2010 in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria...

Re: “Reconsidering the Role of Social Disadvantage in Physical and Mental Health: Stressful Life Events, Health Behaviors, Race, and Depression”


The effect of perinatal anxiety on bronchiolitis is influenced by polymorphisms in ROS-related genes

Background Exposure to perinatal anxiety affects disease susceptibility in offspring but studies on the association between perinatal anxiety and gene polymorphisms are lacking. This study aimed to elucidate the interaction between perinatal anxiety and polymorphisms in antioxidant defense and innate immunity genes on the development of respiratory tract infections (RTIs) during...