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Stair Climbing Control for 4-DOF Tracked Vehicle Based on Internal Sensors

In search-and-rescue missions, multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) tracked robots that are equipped with subtracks are commonly used. These types of robots have superior locomotion performance on rough terrain. However, in teleoperated missions, the performance of tracked robots depends largely on the operators’ ability to control every subtrack appropriately. Therefore, an autonomous...

Slip-compensated odometry for tracked vehicle on loose and weak slope

Odometry is widely used to localize wheeled and tracked vehicles because of its simplicity and continuity. Odometric calculations integrate the wheel or track’s rotation speed. The accuracy of position thus calculated, is affected by slippage between the ground and the wheel or track. When traveling on a loose slope, the localization accuracy of the odometry decreases remarkably...

Assessment of a tracked vehicle’s ability to traverse stairs

In some surveillance missions in the aftermath of disasters, the use of a teleoperated tracked vehicle contributes to the safety of rescue crews. However, because of its insufficient traversal capability, the vehicle can become trapped upon encountering rough terrain. This may lead to mission failure and, in the worst case, loss of the vehicle. To improve the success rate of such...