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Human-based framework for the assembly of elastic objects by a dual-arm robot

This paper proposes a new framework for planning assembly tasks involving elastic parts. As an example of these kind of assembly tasks, we deal with the insertion of ring-shaped objects into a cylinder by a dual-arm robot. The proposed framework is a combination of human movements to determine the overall assembly strategy and an optimization-based motion planner to generate the...

Integrated assembly and motion planning using regrasp graphs

This paper presents an integrated assembly and motion planning system to recursively find the assembly sequence and motions to assemble two objects with the help of a horizontal surface as the supporting fixture. The system is implemented in both assembly level and motion level. In the assembly level, the system checks all combinations of the assembly sequences and gets a set of...

Annual Incidence and Clinical Characteristics of Type 2 Diabetes in Children as Detected by Urine Glucose Screening in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

OBJECTIVE—This study investigates the annual incidence and clinical characteristics of type 2 diabetes among school-aged children as detected by urine glucose screening from 1974 to 2002 in the Tokyo metropolitan area. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS— In total, 8,812,356 school children were examined for glucosuria. Morning urine was used for the analysis. When the urine was positive...

A Subtype of Markedly Abrupt Onset With Absolute Insulin Deficiency in Idiopathic Type 1 Diabetes in Japanese Children

SHIGEO MORIMOTO, MD SHIGEKI KUBOTA, MD MISAO OWADA, MD KENSUKE HARADA, MD References 1. The Expert Committee on the Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus: Report of