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Pediatric cancer risk in association with birth defects: A systematic review

Stiffman Junior Faculty Research Award. The funder of this award had no role in the review. 50 / 56 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Kimberly J. Johnson, Jong Min Lee, Kazi Ahsan. Data curation ... : Kimberly J. Johnson, Jong Min Lee, Kazi Ahsan. Formal analysis: Kimberly J. Johnson, Jong Min Lee, Kazi Ahsan. Funding acquisition: Kimberly J. Johnson. Investigation: Kimberly J. Johnson, Jong Min Lee

Drawbacks and benefits associated with inter-organizational collaboration along the discovery-development-delivery continuum: a cancer research network case study

BackgroundThe scientific process around cancer research begins with scientific discovery, followed by development of interventions, and finally delivery of needed interventions to people with cancer. Numerous studies have identified substantial gaps between discovery and delivery in health research. Team science has been identified as a possible solution for closing the discovery...

Ionizing radiation and the risk of brain and central nervous system tumors: a systematic review

Although exposure to moderate-to-high doses of ionizing radiation is the only established environmental risk factor for brain and CNS tumors, it is not clear whether this relationship differs across tumor subtypes, by sex or age at exposure, or at the low-to-moderate range of exposure. This systematic review summarizes the epidemiologic evidence on the association between...

Maternal Dietary Patterns During Early Pregnancy and the Odds of Childhood Germ Cell Tumors: A Children's Oncology Group Study

of Pediatric Epidemiology and Clinical Research, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Jessica R. B. Musselman, Anne M. Jurek, Kimberly J. Johnson, Amy M. Linabery, Julie A. Ross

Parental and infant characteristics and childhood leukemia in Minnesota

Background Leukemia is the most common childhood cancer. With the exception of Down syndrome, prenatal radiation exposure, and higher birth weight, particularly for acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL), few risk factors have been firmly established. Translocations present in neonatal blood spots and the young age peak of diagnosis suggest that early-life factors are involved in...