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Investigating the loss of work productivity due to symptomatic leiomyoma

direct identifiers. (XLSX) Acknowledgments All participating sites. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Helena Kopp Kallner. Data curation: Mia Lindeberg. Formal analysis: Klara Hasselrot, Peter ... Konings, Helena Kopp Kallner. Funding acquisition: Mia Lindeberg. Investigation: Helena Kopp Kallner. Methodology: Peter Konings, Helena Kopp Kallner. Project administration: Klara Hasselrot, Mia

A Comparative Proteomic Analysis of the Soluble Immune Factor Environment of Rectal and Oral Mucosa

Objective Sexual transmission of HIV occurs across a mucosal surface, which contains many soluble immune factors important for HIV immunity. Although the composition of mucosal fluids in the vaginal and oral compartments has been studied extensively, the knowledge of the expression of these factors in the rectal mucosa has been understudied and is very limited. This has...

Feasibility and Safety of Cervical Biopsy Sampling for Mucosal Immune Studies in Female Sex Workers from Nairobi, Kenya

Background There is an urgent need to improve our understanding of the mucosal immuno-pathogenesis of HIV acquisition in the female genital tract, particularly in high-risk women such as female sex workers (FSWs). Cervical biopsy samples offer technical advantages over cytobrush sampling, but there are concerns that this might increase HIV acquisition, particularly if healing is...