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Citizen science for pedestrian cartography: collection and moderation of walkable routes in cities through mobile gamification

Digital geographical maps can be regarded as a user interface for understanding and navigating the city. Nevertheless, contemporary digital maps over-emphasize the needs of motor vehicles. Pedestrian routes have only been considered as an add-on option in existing digital maps and the respective data collection has not been performed in the field. In this article, we present a ...

Design and implement chords and personal windows for multi-user collaboration on a large multi-touch vertical display

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos Letizia Jaccheri Co-located collaboration on large vertical screens has become technically feasible, but users are faced with increased effort, or have to wear intrusive personal

Collective intelligence within web video

We present a user-based approach for detecting interesting video segments through simple signal processing of users’ collective interactions with the video player (e.g., seek/scrub, play, pause). Previous research has focused on content-based systems that have the benefit of analyzing a video without user interactions, but they are monolithic, because the resulting key-frames are ...