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A master bosonization duality

HJE master bosonization duality Kristan Jensen 0 1 0 San Francisco , CA 94132 , U.S.A 1 Department of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State University We conjecture a new sequence of

Locality and anomalies in warped conformal field theory

HJE Locality and anomalies in warped conformal eld theory Kristan Jensen 0 San Francisco State University 0 W Symmetry 0 San Francisco , CA 94132 , U.S.A We study various aspects of warped

Embedding three-dimensional bosonization dualities into string theory

We give simple string theory embeddings of several recently introduced dualities between 2+1-dimensional Chern-Simons matter theories using probe brane holography. Our construction is reliable in the limit of a large number of colors N with fixed Chern-Simons level k.

Bosonizing three-dimensional quiver gauge theories

We start with the recently conjectured 3d bosonization dualities and gauge global symmetries to generate an infinite sequence of new dualities. These equate theories with non-Abelian product gauge groups and bifundamental matter. We uncover examples of Bose/Bose and Fermi/Fermi dualities, as well as a sequence of dualities between theories with scalar matter in two-index...

Aspects of hot Galilean field theory

We reconsider general aspects of Galilean-invariant thermal field theory. Using the proposal of our companion paper, we recast non-relativistic hydrodynamics in a manifestly covariant way and couple it to a background spacetime. We examine the concomitant consequences for the thermal partition functions of Galilean theories on a time-independent, but weakly curved background. We...

Revisiting non-relativistic limits

We show that the full spurionic symmetry of Galilean-invariant field theories can be deduced when those theories are the limits of relativistic parents. Under the limit, the non-relativistic daughter couples to Newton-Cartan geometry together with all of the symmetries advocated in previous work, including the recently revived Milne boosts. Our limit is a covariant version of the...

Universal entanglement and boundary geometry in conformal field theory

Employing a conformal map to hyperbolic space cross a circle, we compute the universal contribution to the vacuum entanglement entropy (EE) across a sphere in even-dimensional conformal field theory. Previous attempts to derive the EE in this way were hindered by a lack of knowledge of the appropriate boundary terms in the trace anomaly. In this paper we show that the universal...

Anomaly inflow and thermal equilibrium

Using the anomaly inflow mechanism, we compute the flavor/Lorentz non-invariant contribution to the partition function in a background with a U(1) isometry. This contribution is a local functional of the background fields. By identifying the U(1) isometry with Euclidean time we obtain a contribution of the anomaly to the thermodynamic partition function from which hydrostatic...

Chern-Simons terms from thermal circles and anomalies

We compute the full contribution of flavor and (or) Lorentz anomalies to the thermodynamic partition function. Apart from the Wess-Zumino consistency condition the Euclidean generating function must satisfy an extra requirement which we refer to as ‘consistency with the Euclidean vacuum’. The latter requirement fixes all Chern-Simons terms that arise in a particular Kaluza-Klein...

On holographic defect entropy

We study a number of (3 + 1)- and (2 + 1)-dimensional defect and boundary conformal field theories holographically dual to supergravity theories. In all cases the defects or boundaries are planar, and the defects are codimension-one. Using holography, we compute the entanglement entropy of a (hemi-)spherical region centered on the defect (boundary). We define defect and boundary...