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Spatial distribution of cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) in normal canine central and peripheral nervous system

: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Andrea Tipold. Formal analysis: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Investigation: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Project administration: Andrea Tipold. Resources ... : Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner, Andrea Tipold. Supervision: Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner, Andrea Tipold. Visualization: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Writing ± original draft: Jessica Freundt-Revilla. Writing

Amplicon sequencing of bacterial microbiota in abortion material from cattle

Abortions in cattle have a significant economic impact on animal husbandry and require prompt diagnosis for surveillance of epizootic infectious agents. Since most abortions are not epizootic but sporadic with often undetected etiologies, this study examined the bacterial community present in the placenta (PL, n = 32) and fetal abomasal content (AC, n = 49) in 64 cases of bovine...

Morphologic, phenotypic, and transcriptomic characterization of classically and alternatively activated canine blood-derived macrophages in vitro

, Ulrich Deschl. Supervision: Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner, Reiner Ulrich, Ingo Spitzbarth. 28 / 33 Visualization: Franziska Heinrich, Annika Lehmbecker, Barbara B. Raddatz, Kristel Kegler, Ingo Spitzbarth ... . Writing ± original draft: Franziska Heinrich, Annika Lehmbecker, Barbara B. Raddatz, Kristel Kegler. Writing ± review & editing: Franziska Heinrich, Annika Lehmbecker, Barbara B. Raddatz, Kristel Kegler

Contribution of Schwann Cells to Remyelination in a Naturally Occurring Canine Model of CNS Neuroinflammation

inflammatory/ demyelinating CNS diseases. The authors would like to thank Mrs. B. Buck, Mrs. C. Schütz and Mrs. P. Grünig for excellent technical assistance. Kristel Kegler received financial support from