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Spatial distribution of cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) in normal canine central and peripheral nervous system

: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Andrea Tipold. Formal analysis: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Investigation: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Project administration: Andrea Tipold. Resources ... : Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner, Andrea Tipold. Supervision: Wolfgang BaumgaÈrtner, Andrea Tipold. Visualization: Jessica Freundt-Revilla, Kristel Kegler. Writing ± original draft: Jessica Freundt-Revilla. Writing

Contribution of Schwann Cells to Remyelination in a Naturally Occurring Canine Model of CNS Neuroinflammation

inflammatory/ demyelinating CNS diseases. The authors would like to thank Mrs. B. Buck, Mrs. C. Schütz and Mrs. P. Grünig for excellent technical assistance. Kristel Kegler received financial support from