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Rational use of paracetamol among out-patients in a Bhutanese district hospital bordering India: a cross-sectional study

ObjectiveParacetamol or acetaminophen is a weak analgesic commonly used worldwide and in Bhutan. It is available across all levels of Bhutan’s health care system and for purchase without prescription. Little is known, however, about patterns of paracetamol use in Bhutan. This study aimed to assess what the Bhutanese population knows about the indications for use of paracetamol...

Rhinogenic Optic Neuritis Caused by Sphenoid Mucocele with Sinusitis

. Weerachai Tantinikorn, Paithoon Wichiwaniwate, and Krit Pongpirul report no conflicts of interest. Authors’ Contributions Sasitorn Siritho initiated and drafted the paper, obtained inform consent from the ... patient, and contributed to final approval of the version published and obtaining funding. Weerachai Tantinikorn, Paithoon Wichiwaniwate, and Krit Pongpirul drafted and revised the paper. References A

Effect of pupillary dilation on Haigis formula-calculated intraocular lens power measurement by using optical biometry

, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai red Cross Society 3 Krit pongpirul 4 Department of international Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public Health , Baltimore, MD, USa , USA

Informal relationship patterns among staff of local health and non-health organizations in Thailand

Background Co-operation among staff of local government agencies is essential for good local health services system, especially in small communities. This study aims to explore possible informal relationship patterns among staff of local health and non-health organizations in the context of health decentralization in Thailand. Methods Tambon Health Promoting Hospital (THPH) and...

Severe Headache with Eye Involvement from Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus, Trigeminal Tract, and Brainstem Nuclei

. Authors’ Contribution Sasitorn Siritho and Wadchara Pumpradit managed the patient. Sasitorn Siritho prepared the case summary. Wiboon Suriyajakryuththana, Wadchara Pumpradit, and Krit Pongpirul helped to

10 best resources on … mixed methods research in health systems

Mixed methods research has become increasingly popular in health systems. Qualitative approaches are often used to explain quantitative results and help to develop interventions or survey instruments. Mixed methods research is especially important in low- and middle-income country (LMIC) settings, where understanding social, economic and cultural contexts are essential to assess...

Potential causes of black-stained peritoneal dialysis tubing: an analysis from nurse practitioner’s prospect

Background Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) has been promoted to be the main method of treatment for Thai End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients; however, a national survey of dialysis centers reported an annual incidence of black-stained particle of 57.6 per 1,000 CAPD cases. The objective of this study was to identify potential causes of the stain in the nurse...

DRG coding practice: a nationwide hospital survey in Thailand

Background Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) payment is preferred by healthcare reform in various countries but its implementation in resource-limited countries has not been fully explored. Objectives This study was aimed (1) to compare the characteristics of hospitals in Thailand that were audited with those that were not and (2) to develop a simplified scale to measure hospital...

A qualitative study of DRG coding practice in hospitals under the Thai Universal Coverage Scheme

Background In the Thai Universal Coverage health insurance scheme, hospital providers are paid for their inpatient care using Diagnosis Related Group-based retrospective payment, for which quality of the diagnosis and procedure codes is crucial. However, there has been limited understandings on which health care professions are involved and how the diagnosis and procedure coding...

Policy characteristics facilitating primary health care in Thailand: A pilot study in transitional country

Background In contrast to the considerable evidence of inequitable distribution of health, little is known about how health services (particularly primary care services) are distributed in less developed countries. Using a version of primary health care system questionnaire, this pilot study in Thailand assessed policies related to the provision of primary care, particularly with...