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Mortality of post-settlement clams Rangia cuneata (Mactridae, Bivalvia) at an early stage of invasion in the Vistula Lagoon (South Baltic) due to biotic and abiotic factors

The clam Rangia cuneata, originating from the Gulf of Mexico, was recorded in the Vistula Lagoon for the first time in the early 2010s, and quickly became the dominant component of the zoobenthic biomass. To assess mortality as a factor potentially controlling the growth of Rangia population, a year-long field experiment involving marked bivalves placed in sediment-filled trays...

The experimental set for in situ research of benthic communities in marine and freshwater ecosystems

0 Krzysztof Pawlikowski 0 0 National Marine Fisheries Research Institute , Kołłątaja 1, 81-332 Gdynia , Poland - The presented system of experimental trays permits conducting field experiments at