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Productive entrepreneurship and the effectiveness of insolvency legislation: a cross-country study

This paper studies the association between the effectiveness of insolvency regulations and entrepreneurship using multilevel modeling of about 300,000 individuals in 27 countries over the 2005–2010 period. We investigate the relationship between three different measures of “resolving insolvency” (time, cost, and recovery rate) from the World Bank and four different measures of...

Habitual entrepreneurs in the making: how labour market rigidity and employment affects entrepreneurial re-entry

We investigate the impact of country-level labour market regulations on the re-entry decision of experienced entrepreneurs, whereby they become habitual entrepreneurs. Multilevel logit models on entry decisions among 15,709 individuals in 29 European countries show that labour market regulations have a positive influence on the decision to re-enter into entrepreneurship. This...

A design of toxic gas detecting security robot car based on wireless path-patrol

Because a toxic gas detecting/monitoring system in a chemical plant is not movable, a gas detecting/monitoring system will be passive and the detecting range will also be constrained. This invention is an active multi-functional wireless patrol car that can substitute for humans that inspect a plant's security. In addition, to widen the monitoring vision within the environment...

Generating metadata from web documents: a systematic approach

In this paper, a mechanism generating RDF Semantic Web schema from Web document set as the semantic metadata is proposed. Analyzing both the structural and un-structural content of Web documents, semi-structured Web documents can be conceptualized as resource objects with inter-relationships in RDF diagram. Technically, hyperlinks, basic annotations, and keywords in web documents...

Bounds of Eigenvalues of -Minor Free Graphs

Journal of Inequalities and Applications Hindawi Publishing Corporation Bounds of Eigenvalues of K3,3-Minor Free Graphs Kun-Fu Fang 0 0 Faculty of Science, Huzhou Teachers College , Huzhou 313000