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A Novel Peptide Derived from Human Pancreatitis-Associated Protein Inhibits Inflammation In Vivo and In Vitro and Blocks NF-Kappa B Signaling Pathway

Background Pancreatitis-associated protein (PAP) is a pancreatic secretory protein belongs to the group VII of C-type lectin family. Emerging evidence suggests that PAP plays a protective effect in inflammatory diseases. In the present study, we newly identified a 16-amino-acid peptide (named PAPep) derived from C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD) of human PAP with potent anti...

A Novel Role of IGFBP7 in Mouse Uterus: Regulating Uterine Receptivity through Th1/Th2 Lymphocyte Balance and Decidualization

Previously we have screened out Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 7 (IGFBP7) as a differentially expressed gene in post-implantation uterus versus pre-implantation uterus by suppressive subtractive hybridation. However its function in uterus was not clearly identified. In this research, the expression and function of IGFBP7 during post-implantation were studied. We found...

A Rapid, Highly Efficient and Economical Method of Agrobacterium-Mediated In planta Transient Transformation in Living Onion Epidermis

Transient transformation is simpler, more efficient and economical in analyzing protein subcellular localization than stable transformation. Fluorescent fusion proteins were often used in transient transformation to follow the in vivo behavior of proteins. Onion epidermis, which has large, living and transparent cells in a monolayer, is suitable to visualize fluorescent fusion...

A comprehensive microRNA expression profile of the backfat tissue from castrated and intact full-sib pair male pigs

Wang 1 Cheng-Kun Liu 0 Mei-Ying Fang 0 0 Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, National Engineering Laboratory for Animal Breeding, MOA Laboratory of Animal Genetics and Breeding, College of Animal

A first generation BAC-based physical map of the half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis) genome

Background Half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis Günther) has been exploited as a commercially important cultured marine flatfish, and female grows 2–3 times faster than male. Genetic studies, especially on the chromosomal sex-determining system of this species, have been carried out in the last decade. Although the genome of half-smooth tongue sole was relatively small...

A novel panel of biomarkers in distinction of small well-differentiated HCC from dysplastic nodules and outcome values

Background Differential diagnosis of high-grade dysplastic nodules (HGDN) and well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma (WDHCC) represents a challenge to experienced hepatic clinicians, radiologists and hepatopathologists. Methods The expression profiles of aminoacylase-1 (ACY1), sequestosome-1 (SQSTM1) and glypican-3 (GPC3) in low-grade dysplastic nodules (LGDN), HGDN and...

Aberrant Serum Immunoglobulin G Glycosylation in Chronic Hepatitis B Is Associated With Histological Liver Damage and Reversible by Antiviral Therapy

analyses, and manuscript writing; Cheng-Kun Liu and Chih-Sheng Su analyzed clinical data from patients with liver cirrhosis; Pin-Nan Cheng provided samples from healthy controls; Hung-Wen Tsai was

Amotl2a interacts with the Hippo effector Yap1 and the Wnt/β-catenin effector Lef1 to control tissue size in zebrafish

Sobhika Agarwala Sandra Duquesne Kun Liu Anton Boehm Lin Grimm Sandra Link Sabine König Stefan Eimer Olaf Ronneberger Virginie Lecaudey This PDF is the version of the article that was accepted for

Analysis of Human Standing Balance by Largest Lyapunov Exponent

22 December 2014; Revised 17 February 2015; Accepted 9 March 2015 Academic Editor: Pasi A. Karjalainen Copyright © 2015 Kun Liu et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative

Antimicrobial activity of puffball(Bovistella radicata) and separation of bioactive compounds

Background To test the antimicrobial activity of different extracts and fermentation broth from puffball(Bovistella radicata), the different extracts and fermentation broth of puffball were prepared, the active fraction was investigated by UPLC–UV–MS and semi-preparative chromatograph. Results Through zones of inhibition (ZOI) and minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) tests...

Application of the chronic constriction injury of the partial sciatic nerve model to assess acupuncture analgesia

Application of the chronic constriction injury of the partial sciatic nerve model to assess acupuncture analgesia Mu-Jun Zhi,1,2,* Kun Liu,1,* Zhou-Li Zheng,1,3 Xun He,1 Tie Li,2 Guang Sun,1,2 Meng ... responsible mechanisms. Acknowledgments This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China granted to Kun Liu (No. 81303054), Xin-yan Gao (No. 81473778), and Bing Zhu (No. 81130063), and

Birth of Three Stowaway-like MITE Families via Microhomology-Mediated Miniaturization of a Tc1/Mariner Element in the Yellow Fever Mosquito

Eukaryotic genomes contain numerous DNA transposons that move by a cut-and-paste mechanism. The majority of these elements are self-insufficient and dependent on their autonomous relatives to transpose. Miniature inverted repeat transposable elements (MITEs) are often the most numerous nonautonomous DNA elements in a higher eukaryotic genome. Little is known about the origin of...


Miller 4 Douglas R. Miller, University of North Carolina-Wilmington, USA David S. Noack, Weber State University, USA Kun Liu, Wayne State University , USA - Miller et al.: IMPACT THAT CONTEXTUAL FACTORS

Capacity evaluation for general practitioners in Pudong new area of Shanghai: an empirical study

Background Building highly qualified General Practitioners (GPs) is key to the development of primary health care. It’s therefore urgent to ensure the GPs’ quality service under the background of the new round of health care system reforms in China. A new model of GP qualification examination was originally implemented in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China, which aimed to...

Case-Fatality Ratio and Effectiveness of Ribavirin Therapy Among Hospitalized Patients in China Who Had Severe Fever With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome

Background. The wide distribution and high case-fatality ratio of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) have made it a significant public health problem. This study was designed to identify the predictors of fatal outcomes and to evaluate the effectiveness of antiviral therapy in treating SFTS virus (SFTSV)–infected patients. Methods. A cross-sectional study was...

Damping Identification with Acceleration Measurements Based on Sensitivity Enhancement Method

, University of Jinan, Jinan 250022, China Correspondence should be addressed to Kun Liu; Received 12 February 2018; Accepted 15 May 2018; Published 12 June 2018 Academic Editor: Emanuele Reccia Copyright

Decreased expression of microRNA let-7i and its association with chemotherapeutic response in human gastric cancer

Background MicroRNA let-7i has been proven to be down-regulated in many human malignancies and correlated with tumor progression and anticancer drug resistance. Our study aims to characterize the contribution of miRNA let-7i to the initiation and malignant progression of locally advanced gastric cancer (LAGC), and evaluate its possible value in neoadjuvant chemotherapeutic...

Dynamic Expression Patterns of Differential Proteins during Early Invasion of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Background Tumor cell invasion into the surrounding matrix has been well documented as an early event of metastasis occurrence. However, the dynamic expression patterns of proteins during early invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are largely unknown. Using a three-dimensional HCC invasion culture model established previously, we investigated the dynamic expression patterns...