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Anisotropic SD2 brane: accelerating cosmology and Kasner-like space-time from compactification

Starting from an anisotropic (in all directions including the time direction of the brane) non-SUSY D2 brane solution of type IIA string theory we construct an anisotropic space-like D2 brane (or SD2 brane, for short) solution by the standard trick of a double Wick rotation. This solution is characterized by five independent parameters. We show that compactification on ...

Decoupling of gravity on non-susy Dp branes

We study the graviton scattering in the background of non-susy Dp branes of type II string theories consisting of a metric, a dilaton and a (p + 1) form gauge field. We show numerically that in these backgrounds graviton experiences a scattering potential which takes the form of an infinite barrier in the low energy (near brane) limit for p ≤ 5 and therefore is never able to reach ...

Space-like Dp branes: accelerating cosmologies versus conformally de Sitter space-time

We consider the space-like Dp brane solutions of type II string theories having isometries ISO(p + 1) × SO(8 − p, 1). These are asymptotically flat solutions or in other words, the metrics become flat at the time scale τ ≫ τ 0. On the other hand, when τ ∼ τ 0, we get (p + 1) + 1 dimensional flat FLRW metrics upon compactification on a (8 − p) dimensional hyperbolic space with time ...