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Activity of Indatuximab Ravtansine against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in Preclinical Tumor Models

PurposeTriple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is related with a poor prognosis as patients do hardly benefit from approved therapies. CD138 (Syndecan-1) is upregulated on human breast cancers. Indatuximab ravtansine (BT062) is an antibody-drug-conjugate that specifically targets CD138-expressing cells and has previously shown clinical activity in multiple myeloma. Here we show...

Indatuximab ravtansine (BT062) combination treatment in multiple myeloma: pre-clinical studies

Indatuximab ravtansine is a monoclonal antibody-linked cytotoxic agent that specifically targets CD138-expressing cells. Monotherapy has been shown to significantly inhibit multiple myeloma tumour growth in vivo and improve host survival. Here, we show that in most cell lines tested, indatuximab ravtansine acts additively or even synergistically with clinically approved therapies...


Diffuse brainstem gliomas (BSG), other malignant astrocytomas, and multiply recurrent low-grade gliomas carry a poor prognosis, and new therapies are needed. Having gained experience with immunotherapy for adult gliomas, we extended these insights to childhood gliomas on the basis of our observations regarding their profiles of glioma-associated antigen (GAA) expression. We...