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The 3-D structure of the Coma–A 1367 supercluster: Optical spectroscopy of 102 galaxies

Optical spectroscopy of 117 CGCG galaxies, 102 of which are projected in the direction of the Coma–A 1367 supercluster, is reported. These new measurements, added to those found in the literature, bring to 1068 the number of CGCG galaxies in this region with available redshift, out of a total of 1085 objects with . We use these data to infer the 3-D structure of the Coma...

Optical spectroscopy of galaxies in the direction of the Virgo cluster

Optical spectroscopy of 76 galaxies, 48 of which are projected in the direction of the Virgo cluster and 28 onto the Coma–A1367 supercluster, is reported. Adding these new measurements to those found in the literature, the redshift completeness in the Virgo region becomes 92% at and 68% at . The one of CGCG galaxies in the direction of the Coma–A1367 supercluster becomes 98%. The...

Adaptive hybrid robotic system for rehabilitation of reaching movement after a brain injury: a usability study

Brain injury survivors often present upper-limb motor impairment affecting the execution of functional activities such as reaching. A currently active research line seeking to maximize upper-limb motor recovery after a brain injury, deals with the combined use of functional electrical stimulation (FES) and mechanical supporting devices, in what has been previously termed hybrid...

Methodological Quality and Reporting of Generalized Linear Mixed Models in Clinical Medicine (2000–2012): A Systematic Review

Background Modeling count and binary data collected in hierarchical designs have increased the use of Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs) in medicine. This article presents a systematic review of the application and quality of results and information reported from GLMMs in the field of clinical medicine. Methods A search using the Web of Science database was performed for...

Modeling the longitudinal latent effect of pregabalin on self-reported changes in sleep disturbances in outpatients with generalized anxiety disorder managed in routine clinical practice

Ruiz,1 Enrique Álvarez,2 Jose L Carrasco,3 José M Olivares,4 María Pérez,5 Javier Rejas6 1Department of Methodology, School of Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, 2Department of ... 3 y b / m o c . s s e r p e v o .dw l.y from rsoe PowerdbyTCPDF( Jose l carrasco 3 Javier rejas 6 Background: Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric illnesses, with

Clinical and economic outcomes of adjunctive therapy with pregabalin or usual care in generalized anxiety disorder patients with partial response to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Background This study is done to compare the effect of adjunctive therapy with pregabalin versus usual care (UC) on health-care costs and clinical and patients consequences in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) subjects with partial response (PR) to a previous selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) course in medical practice in Spain. Methods Post hoc analysis of patients...

The interplay between the young stellar super cluster Westerlund 1, and the surrounding interstellar medium

We analyze the multi-band (CO, HI and Spitzer maps), large-scale (150 pc) gaseous structure around Westerlund 1, the most massive known superstar cluster in the Milky Way, with the intention of exploring the effect of feedback from massive stars in this young (age < 5 Myr) cluster on the surrounding interstellar medium. We find no traces of the parental molecular cloud in the...

The Total Deviation Index estimated by Tolerance Intervals to evaluate the concordance of measurement devices

Carrasco 0 3 0 Bioestadistica, Departament de Salut Publica, Universitat de Barcelona , Catalonia , Spain 1 Centre de Salut Internacional, Institut d'Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer. IDIBAPS

Pregabalin versus SSRIs and SNRIs in benzodiazepine-refractory outpatients with generalized anxiety disorder: a post hoc cost-effectiveness analysis in usual medical practice in Spain

-Cansado,1 José M Olivares,2 Enrique Álvarez,3 Jose L Carrasco,4 Andoni Barrueta,5 Javier Rejas,51Trial Form Support Spain, Madrid; 2Department of Psychiatry, Hospital Meixoeiro, Complejo Hospitalario

Spatio-temporal analysis of mortality among children under the age of five in Manhiça (Mozambique) during the period 1997-2005

Carrasco 0 John J Aponte Delino Nhalungo Ariel Nhacolo Pedro Alonso Carlos Ascaso 0 0 Bioestadística. Departament de Salut Pública. Universitat de Barcelona , Barcelona , Spain Background: Reducing

Seasonal variations in the levels of PAH–DNA adducts in young adults living in Mexico City

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are ubiquitous components of polluted air. The Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA), one of the most densely populated areas in the world, is 2240 m above sea level. At this altitude, less oxygen is available, making combustion less efficient and therefore producing more PAH pollutants. According to the Automatic Monitoring Network in...

Differential gene expression analysis provides new insights into the molecular basis of iron deficiency stress response in the citrus rootstock Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.

Iron chlorosis is one of the major abiotic stresses affecting fruit trees and other crops in calcareous soils and leads to a reduction in growth and yield. Usual remediation strategies consist of amending iron to soil, which is an expensive practice, or using tolerant cultivars, which are difficult to develop when not available. To understand the mechanisms underlying the...

Probe-specific mixed-model approach to detect copy number differences using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA)

Background MLPA method is a potentially useful semi-quantitative method to detect copy number alterations in targeted regions. In this paper, we propose a method for the normalization procedure based on a non-linear mixed-model, as well as a new approach for determining the statistical significance of altered probes based on linear mixed-model. This method establishes a threshold...

Near‐infrared surface photometry of a sample of barred galaxies

, Optica, y Electronica (INAOE) and details about the Cananea Near-Infrared Camera (CANICA) will be presented in L. Carrasco et al. (in preparation). The general properties of the galaxies in our sample and ... : Formation and evolution of galaxies, black holes and their environment) and the Max Planck Society. CANICA was developed under CONACYT project G28586E (PI: L. Carrasco). This research has made use of NED

Hα surface photometry of galaxies in nearby clusters - V. The survey completion

We present the Hα imaging observations of 273 late-type galaxies in the nearby rich galaxy clusters Virgo, A 1367, Coma, Cancer, Hercules and in the Great Wall, carried out primarily with the 2.1 m telescope of the San Pedro Martir Observatory (SPM) and with the ESO/3.6 m telescope. We derived the Hα+[NII] fluxes and equivalent widths. The Hα survey reached completion for an...

Spectral optical monitoring of 3C 390.3 in 1995–2007 - I. Light curves and flux variation in the continuum and broad lines

Context. We present the results of the long-term (1995–2007) spectral monitoring of the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 390.3, a well known AGN with double-peaked broad emission lines, usually assumed to be emitted from an accretion disk.Aims. To explore dimensions and structure of the BLR, we analyze the light curves of the broad Hα and Hβ line fluxes and the continuum flux. To...

An RNA secondary structure bias for non‐homologous reverse transcriptase‐mediated deletions in vivo

(21,22). The AkvSL33U3-EGFP will be described elsewhere (M. L. Carrasco, M. Duch and F.S. Pedersen, submitted for publication). In short, it was constructed by replacing the 3 LTR of AkvU3-EGFP ... viruses (MLV) where an IRES-EGFP cassette was inserted into either Akv or a chimera of Akv and SL3-3 viruses (19,24 and M. L. Carrasco, M. Duch and F. S. Pedersen, submitted for publication). Two insertion

Optical spectroscopy and the UV luminosity function of galaxies in the Abell 1367, Coma and Virgo clusters

Optical spectroscopy of 93 galaxies, 60 projected in the direction of Abell 1367, 21 onto the Coma cluster and 12 on Virgo, is reported. The targets were selected because they were detected in previous Hα, UV or r' surveys. The present observations bring to 100% the redshift completeness of Hα selected galaxies in the Coma region and to 75% in Abell 1367. All observed galaxies...

The 2009 multiwavelength campaign on Mrk 421: Variability and correlation studies

. Koptelova O. M. Kurtanidze A. Lähteenmäki B. McBreen V. M. Larionov C. S. Lin M. G. Nikolashvili E. Angelakis M. Capalbi A. Carramiñana L. Carrasco P. Cassaro A. Cesarini L. Fuhrmann M. Giroletti T. Hovatta T

On the infrared emission of the exciting star of the Herbig–Haro objects 1 and 2

Further evidence is presented indicating that the infrared emission at $\lambda \gt 3 \mu \text{m},$ spatially coincident with the VLA source located midway between the Herbig–Haro objects 1 and 2, comes from warm circumstellar dust around the star most probably responsible for the excitation of these Herbig–Haro objects. The nearby extended emission dominating at shorter...