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Look-alike galaxies: - HI observations for look-alike galaxies of four calibrators

. Bottinelli L. , Gouguenheim L. , Fouque P. , Paturel G. , 1990 , A &AS 82 , 391 de Vaucouleurs G ., de Vaucouleurs A. , Corwin H.G. , 1976 , Second Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies. University of Texas ... Press, Austin (RC2) Fouque P. , Bottinelli L. , Durand N. , Gouguenheim L. , Paturel G. , 1990 , A &AS 86 , 473 Paturel G. , Fouque P. , Bottinelli L. , Gouguenheim L. , 1989a, Monographies de la base de

The Extragalactic Distance Scale and the Hubble Constant

L. Gouguenheim Paris The apparent magnitude mof acelestial object is derived fromthe power per m2 received, E(generally called "apparent brightness") usingthe relation: m = -2.5 log10E + C ... the determinations of the age of the oldest objects, previously mentioned. However, this result was criticized by several authors. L. Bottinelli and L. Gouguenheim in 1976 first brought attenĀ­ tion to

Extragalactic database - VII. Reduction of astrophysical parameters

The Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic database (LEDA) gives a free access to the main astrophysical parameters for more than 100 000 galaxies. The most common names are compiled allowing users to recover quickly any galaxy. All these measured astrophysical parameters are first reduced to a common system according to well defined reduction formulae leading to mean homogeneized parameters...