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Seeding Rate for Dryland Wheat

Four winter wheat varieties (PlainsGold Byrd, Limagrain T158, Syngenta TAM 111, and WestBred Winterhawk) were planted at five seeding rates (30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 lb/a) in the fall of 2014 and 2015 at Colby, Garden City, and Tribune, KS. The objective of the study was to identify appropriate seeding rates for dryland winter wheat in western Kansas. Averaged across varieties, a ...

Draft genome sequence of the Daphnia pathogen Octosporea bayeri: insights into the gene content of a large microsporidian genome and a model for host-parasite interactions

Background The highly compacted 2.9-Mb genome of Encephalitozoon cuniculi placed the microsporidia in the spotlight, encoding a mere 2,000 proteins and a highly reduced suite of biochemical pathways. This extreme level of reduction is not universal across the microsporidia, with genomes known to vary up to sixfold in size, suggesting that some genomes may harbor a gene content that ...

The Reduced Genome of the Parasitic Microsporidian Enterocytozoon bieneusi Lacks Genes for Core Carbon Metabolism

Reduction of various biological processes is a hallmark of the parasitic lifestyle. Generally, the more intimate the association between parasites and hosts the stronger the parasite relies on its host's physiology for survival and reproduction. However, some systems have been held to be indispensable, for example, the core pathways of carbon metabolism that produce energy from ...