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Assessment of Methods for the Intracellular Blockade of GABAA Receptors

Selective blockade of inhibitory synaptic transmission onto specific neurons is a useful tool for dissecting the excitatory and inhibitory synaptic components of ongoing network activity. To achieve this, intracellular recording with a patch solution capable of blocking GABAA receptors has advantages over other manipulations, such as pharmacological application of GABAergic...

Bifurcation analysis of a two-compartment hippocampal pyramidal cell model

The Pinsky-Rinzel model is a non-smooth 2-compartmental CA3 pyramidal cell model that has been used widely within the field of neuroscience. Here we propose a modified (smooth) system that captures the qualitative behaviour of the original model, while allowing the use of available, numerical continuation methods to perform full-system bifurcation and fast-slow analysis. We study...