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Super-BMS3 invariant boundary theory from three-dimensional flat supergravity

The two-dimensional super-BMS3 invariant theory dual to three-dimensional asymptotically flat \( \mathcal{N}=1 \) supergravity is constructed. It is described by a constrained or gauged chiral Wess-Zumino-Witten action based on the super-Poincaré algebra in the Hamiltonian, respectively the Lagrangian formulation, whose reduced phase space description corresponds to a...

Extended symmetries at the black hole horizon

We prove that non-extremal black holes in four-dimensional general relativity exhibit an infinite-dimensional symmetry in their near horizon region. By prescribing a physically sensible set of boundary conditions at the horizon, we derive the algebra of asymptotic Killing vectors, which is shown to be infinite-dimensional and includes, in particular, two sets of supertranslations...

Holographic entropy of Warped-AdS3 black holes

JHE Warped-AdS3 black holes 0 Ciudad Universitaria , Pabello ́n 1, 1428, Buenos Aires , Argentina 1 ULB-Campus Plaine CPO231 , B-1050 Brussels , Belgium 2 Laura Donnay 3 Instituto de F ́ısica

Liouville theory beyond the cosmological horizon

The dS/CFT correspondence postulates the existence of a Euclidean CFT dual to a suitable gravity theory with Dirichlet boundary conditions asymptotic to de Sitter spacetime. A semi-classical model of such a correspondence consists of Einstein gravity with positive cosmological constant and without matter which is dual to Euclidean Liouville theory defined at the future conformal...

Asymptotic symmetries and dynamics of three-dimensional flat supergravity

A consistent set of asymptotic conditions for the simplest supergravity theory without cosmological constant in three dimensions is proposed. The canonical generators associated to the asymptotic symmetries are shown to span a supersymmetric extension of the BMS3 algebra with an appropriate central charge. The energy is manifestly bounded from below with the ground state given by...