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Brexit – Nevermind The Whys And Wherefores? Fog In The Channel, Continent Cut Off!

Electronic Press (bepress). BREXIT – NEVERMIND THE WHYS AND WHEREFORES? FOG IN THE CHANNEL, CONTINENT CUT OFF! Laurence W. Gormley* INTRODUCTION ... leading to the accession of the United Kingdom to the European Communities, see PAUL J. G. KAPTEYN & PIETER VERLOREN VAN THEMAAT, INTRODUCTION TO THE LAW OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES 17-21 (Laurence W

Judicial Review: Advice for the Deaf?

for Europe to establish a different approach to admissibility in respect of some types of Community acts. JUDICIAL REVIEW: ADVICE FOR THE DEAF? Laurence W. Gormley* INTRODUCTION The health of the law ... European Community law, see H.-W. MICKLITZ & N. REICH, PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION BEFORE EUROPEAN COURTS (1996); Laurence W. Gormley, PublicInterestLitigation, in 1 LIBER AMICORUM SLYNN, supra, note 4, at