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Sipunculan fauna in the Pacific Arctic region: a significant component of benthic infaunal communities

The Sipuncula show low species diversity in the Arctic Ocean, but they often occur in very high numbers and biomass, and can dominate shelf benthic communities. We describe here the patterns of sipunculan diversity, abundance, biomass, and species distribution in the Pacific Arctic, and the relation of those patterns to controlling environmental factors. Five species (including...

Pacific Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) Resource Selection in the Northern Bering Sea

The Pacific walrus is a large benthivore with an annual range extending across the continental shelves of the Bering and Chukchi Seas. We used a discrete choice model to estimate site selection by adult radio-tagged walruses relative to the availability of the caloric biomass of benthic infauna and sea ice concentration in a prominent walrus wintering area in the northern Bering...

Food Web Structure of the Alaskan Nearshore Shelf and Estuarine Lagoons of the Beaufort Sea

The eastern Alaska Beaufort Sea coast is characterized by numerous shallow (2–5 m) estuarine lagoons, fed by streams and small rivers that drain northward from the Brooks Range through the arctic coastal plain, and bounded seaward by barrier islands and shoals. Millions of birds from six continents nest and forage during the summer period in this region using the river deltas...