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Mobile robots exploration through cnn-based reinforcement learning

Exploration in an unknown environment is an elemental application for mobile robots. In this paper, we outlined a reinforcement learning method aiming for solving the exploration problem in a corridor environment. The learning model took the depth image from an RGB-D sensor as the only input. The feature representation of the depth image was extracted through a pre-trained...

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic porous Fe3O4/poly(methylmethacrylate-co-divinylbenzene) microspheres and their use in removal of Rhodamine B

Porous polymers are very suitable materials for the adsorption of organic pollutants due to their abundant pores and organic frameworks in aqueous solution. However, their recovery from treated pollutant is difficult, and thus, their application is limited. A facile strategy to synthesize reusable magnetic porous microspheres (MPMS) of Fe3O4/poly(methylmethacrylate (MMA)-co...