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Identification and characterization of a plastidial ω-3 fatty acid desaturase EgFAD8 from oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and its promoter response to light and low temperature

acquisition: Lili You, Yusheng Zheng, Dongdong Li. Investigation: Lizhi Chen, Lei Wang, Herong Wang, Ruhao Sun. Supervision: Yijun Yuan, Dongdong Li. Validation: Lizhi Chen, Ruhao Sun. Visualization: Yusheng

Effect of panel shape on hydrodynamic performances of vertical v-shaped double- slotted cambered otter-board

The effect of panel shape on hydrodynamic performances of a vertical v-shaped double-slotted cambered otter-board was investigated using engineering models in a wind tunnel. Three different shape panels (rhomboid, left trapezoid and isosceles trapezoid) were evaluated at a wind speed of 28 m/s. Parameters measured included: drag coefficient Cx, lift coefficient Cy, pitch moment...

Formation control of Multi-agents Based on Method of Matrices

Formation control is one of the most actively studied topics in multi-agents systems, in which all agents will form a desired formation to complete certain tasks. In this paper, a method of matrices is proposed to describe information about formation. Additionally, a flocking algorithm with virtual agents is proposed to control all agent to complete task of desired formation...

Modelling peeling- and pressure-driven propagation of arterial dissection

An arterial dissection is a longitudinal tear in the vessel wall, which can create a false lumen for blood flow and may propagate quickly, leading to death. We employ a computational model for a dissection using the extended finite element method with a cohesive traction-separation law for the tear faces. The arterial wall is described by the anisotropic hyperelastic Holzapfel...

Competition Law Enforcement in China: Between Technocracy and Industrial Policy

: Unanswered Questions and Challenges Ahead, ANTITRUST SOURCE 1 (Oct. 2007), []; see generally Lei Wang & Ivo Krizic

Cyclodextrin-containing hydrogels as an intraocular lens for sustained drug release

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Lei Wang, Siquan Zhu. Formal analysis: Yang Zhao. Funding acquisition: Kaijie Wang. Resources: Xiaohui Yang. Supervision: Siquan Zhu. Writing ± original draft ... : Xiao Li. Writing ± review & editing: Lei Wang. 16 / 19 17 / 19 18 / 19 1. Musleh M , Ashworth J , Black G , Hall G. Improving diagnosis for congenital cataract by introducing NGS genetic testing . BMJ

Correlation between classification and secondary screw penetration in proximal humeral fractures

Yu Zhu, 65 surgeries were completed by Lei Wang and 96 surgeries were completed by Yunfeng Chen). After surgery, a similar rehabilitation protocol was recommended to all patients. Each patient's

c-FLIP and the NOXA/Mcl-1 axis participate in the synergistic effect of pemetrexed plus cisplatin in human choroidal melanoma cells

Hospital of Shandong University for technical assistance and for their generous support. 13 / 15 Author Contributions Formal analysis: Lei Wang. Funding acquisition: Han Zhang. Investigation: Xiaofei Zhao

Recent Advances on Neuromorphic Systems Using Phase-Change Materials

Realization of brain-like computer has always been human’s ultimate dream. Today, the possibility of having this dream come true has been significantly boosted due to the advent of several emerging non-volatile memory devices. Within these innovative technologies, phase-change memory device has been commonly regarded as the most promising candidate to imitate the biological brain...

High-throughput m6A-seq reveals RNA m6A methylation patterns in the chloroplast and mitochondria transcriptomes of Arabidopsis thaliana

, Yizhen Wan. Funding acquisition: Kai Tang, Dayong Zhang, Yizhen Wan. Investigation: Yan Wen, Quanyou Lu, Lei Wang. Methodology: Quanyou Lu. Software: Kai Tang. Supervision: Yizhen Wan. Validation ... : Dayong Zhang. Visualization: Kai Tang. Writing ± original draft: Zegang Wang, Yizhen Wan. Writing ± review & editing: Zegang Wang, Kai Tang, Dayong Zhang, Yizhen Wan, Yan Wen, Quanyou Lu, Lei Wang. 21

Effect of tea saponin on ephyrae and polyps of the moon jellyfish Aurelia sp.1

whose comments helped improve the final version of the manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Zhijun Dong. Data curation: Zhijun Dong, Tingting Sun, Lei Wang. Formal analysis: Zhijun Dong ... , Tingting Sun. Funding acquisition: Zhijun Dong. Writing ± original draft: Zhijun Dong. Writing ± review & editing: Zhijun Dong, Tingting Sun, Likun Liang, Lei Wang. 8 / 9 1. Lucas CH . Reproduction and

Maternal high-fat diet impairs glucose metabolism, β-cell function and proliferation in the second generation of offspring rats

This study aimed to assess the impact of perinatal high-fat (HF) diet in female Sprague-Dawley rats (F0) on glucose metabolism and islet function in their early life of second-generation of offspring (F2). F0 rats were fed with a standard chow (SC) or HF diet for 8 weeks before mating, up to termination of lactation for their first-generation of offspring (F1-SC and F1-HF). F1...

Hello handsome! Male's facial attractiveness gives rise to female's fairness bias in Ultimatum Game scenarios—An ERP study

. 09JZD0006) as a key project and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 71371167). Lei Wang was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 71471163). The ... construction. 19 / 23 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qingguo Ma, Lei Wang. Data curation: Qingguo Ma, Da Qian, Linfeng Hu. Formal analysis: Da Qian, Linfeng Hu. Funding acquisition: Qingguo Ma, Lei

Comparison of supercapsular percutaneously assisted approach total hip versus conventional posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty: a prospective, randomized controlled trial

prospective, randomized controlled trial Jun Xie 0 Hongxi Zhang 0 Lei Wang Xiang Yao Zhanpeng Pan Qinyi Jiang 0 Equal contributors Department of Orthopedics, The Affiliated People's Hospital, Jiangsu

Artery compliance in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: results from a case-control study

reliable test that could help us to screen and predict cardiovascular disorders in RA patients. Author contributions Study concept and design: Miaojia Zhang, Wenfeng Tan, FangWang, and Lei Wang; Recruit ... patients: Miaojia Zhang, Wenfeng Tan, Youxuan Shen, Huanping Mei, Yanyan Wang, Yao Ke, Lei Gu, and Qiang Wang; Acquisition of data: Lei Wang; Analysis and interpretation of the data: Miaojia Zhang, Wenfeng

Robust portfolio selection under norm uncertainty

In this paper, we consider the robust portfolio selection problem which has a data uncertainty described by the ( p , w ) -norm in the objective function. We show that the robust formulation of this problem is equivalent to a linear optimization problem. Moreover, we present some numerical results concerning our robust portfolio selection problem. MSC: 91G10, 90C05, 90C90.

A novel and efficient fungal delignification strategy based on versatile peroxidase for lignocellulose bioconversion

The selective lignin-degrading white-rot fungi are regarded to be the best lignin degraders and have been widely used for reducing the saccharification recalcitrance of lignocellulose. However, the biological delignification and conversion of lignocellulose in biorefinery is still limited. It is necessary to develop novel and more efficient bio-delignification systems...