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Study of conversion of butadiene to CO2 by rTiO2 nanoparticles: ZINDO/S

One of the pollutants emitted from automobile exhaust is unburned hydrocarbons that include benzene, propane, formaldehyde, butadiene, etc. Due to the carcinogenicity of these substances, eliminating and reducing them in the source of production is essential. Catalytic converters have been developed to reduce these pollutions to low-risk materials in automobile exhaust. In this ...

Effect of inorganic compound on artificial stones’ properties

1 & Leila Mahdavian Many natural mines of decorative stones have been seen in the mountainous areas of the province Lorestan (Iran). Due to the traditional harvesting methods, these processes cause

Simulation of SnO2/WO3 nanofilms for alcohol of gas sensor based on metal dioxides: MC and LD studies

Leila Mahdavian 0 0 Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University , Doroud Branch, P.O. Box: 133, Doroud, Iran This work presents a study of the adsorption properties of nanostructures. The