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Contrasting patterns of nucleotide polymorphism suggest different selective regimes within different parts of the PgiC1 gene in Festuca ovina L.

Ghatnekar 0 Honor C. Prentice 0 0 Department of Biology, Lund University , Lund , Sweden Background: Phosphoglucose isomerase (PGI, EC is an essential metabolic enzyme in all eukaryotes. An earlier

Structure of the Natural Transgene PgiC2 in the Common Grass Festuca ovina

Background A horizontal gene transfer has brought an active nuclear gene, PgiC2, from a polyploid Poa species (P. palustris or a close relative) into the common grass sheep's fescue (Festuca ovina). The donor and the receptor species are strictly reproductively separated, and PgiC2 occurs in a polymorphic state within F. ovina. The active gene copy is normally closely linked to a...