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A warped relaxion

Abstract We construct a UV completion of the relaxion in a warped extra dimension. We identify the relaxion with the zero mode of the fifth component of a bulk gauge field and show how hierarchically different decay constants for this field can be achieved by different localizations of anomalous terms in the warped space. This framework may also find applications for other axion...

Minimally extended SILH

Higgs boson compositeness is a phenomenologically viable scenario addressing the hierarchy problem. In minimal models, the Higgs boson is the only degree of freedom of the strong sector below the strong interaction scale. We present here the simplest extension of such a framework with an additional composite spin-zero singlet. To this end, we adopt an effective field theory...

Residue correlation networks in nuclear receptors reflect functional specialization and the formation of the nematode-specific P-box

Background Nuclear receptors (NRs) are transcription factors which bind small hormones, whose evolutionary history and the presence of different functional surfaces makes them an interesting target for a correlation based analysis. Results Correlation analysis of ligand binding domains shows that correlated residue subsets arise from the differences between functional sites in...