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Formation and evaporation of an electrically charged black hole in conformal gravity

Extending previous work on the formation and the evaporation of black holes in conformal gravity, in the present paper we study the gravitational collapse of a spherically symmetric and electrically charged thin shell of radiation. The process creates a singularity-free black hole. Assuming that in the evaporation process the charge Q is constant, the final product of the...

Computing the effective action with the functional renormalization group

The “exact” or “functional” renormalization group equation describes the renormalization group flow of the effective average action \(\Gamma _k\). The ordinary effective action \(\Gamma _0\) can be obtained by integrating the flow equation from an ultraviolet scale \(k=\Lambda \) down to \(k=0\). We give several examples of such calculations at one-loop, both in renormalizable...

Exact solutions and spacetime singularities in nonlocal gravity

We hereby study exact solutions in a wide range of local higher-derivative and weakly nonlocal gravitational theories. In particular, we give a list of exact classical solutions for two classes of gravitational theories both weakly nonlocal, unitary, and super-renormalizable (or finite) at quantum level. We prove that maximally symmetric spacetimes are exact solutions in both...