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Determining the target protein localization in 3D using the combination of FIB-SEM and APEX2

. Compliance with Ethical Standards Conflict of interest Yang Shi, Li Wang, Jianguo Zhang, Yujia Zhai, and Fei Sun declare that they have no conflict of interest. Human and animal rights and informed consent

Test the mergers of the primordial black holes by high frequency gravitational-wave detector

The black hole could have a primordial origin if its mass is less than \(1M_\odot \). The mergers of these black hole binaries generate stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB). We investigate the SGWB in high frequency band \(10^{8}\)–\(10^{10}\,\mathrm {Hz}\). It can be detected by high frequency gravitational-wave detector. Energy density spectrum and amplitude of the ...

On Confucius’s Ideology of Aesthetic Order

, International and Intercultural Communication Commons, Peace and Conflict Studies Commons, and the Social and Cultural Anthropology Commons 1 Li Wang Northeast Normal University 2 Cultural Encounters , Conflicts ... EngagedScholarship@CSU: Li Wang and Haibo Ding Northeast Normal University Advocating order, order for all things, and taking order as beauty is the core

An inequality for generalized complete elliptic integral

In this paper, we show an elegant inequality involving the ratio of generalized complete elliptic integrals of the first kind and generalize an interesting result of Alzer.

An inequality for generalized complete elliptic integral

In this paper, we show an elegant inequality involving the ratio of generalized complete elliptic integrals of the first kind and generalize an interesting result of Alzer.

Identification of a Splicing Mutation in ITPR1 via WES in a Chinese Early-Onset Spinocerebellar Ataxia Family

ataxia type 15/29 (SCA15/29); Whole-exome sequencing (WES) - Li Wang and Ying Hao contributed equally to this work. Introduction The spinocerebellar ataxias (SCAs) are known as a group of genetically

Single stranded adeno-associated virus achieves efficient gene transfer to anterior segment in the mouse eye

, Acknowledgments We thank the Gene Transfer Vector Core for making all the vectors used in this program. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Li Wang, Ru Xiao, Luk H. Vandenberghe. Data curation: Li Wang ... . Formal analysis: Li Wang. Funding acquisition: Luk H. Vandenberghe. Investigation: Li Wang, Ru Xiao. Methodology: Li Wang, Ru Xiao. Project administration: Eva Andres-Mateos. Supervision: Eva Andres

Characterization of LhSorTGA2, a novel TGA2-like protein that interacts with LhSorNPR1 in oriental hybrid lily Sorbonne

Background Non-expressor of pathogenesis-related genes 1 (NPR1) regulates expression of pathogenesis-related (PR) genes by interacting with TGA family proteins during systemic acquired resistance (SAR). However, no TGA-like proteins or their interacting partners have been characterized in lily. Results In the present study, LhSorTGA2, a novel TGA-like protein, was identified as an ...

Identification and validation of reference genes for gene expression analysis in Aphidius gifuensis (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae)

-Min LuÈ, Li-Juan Zhang, Xiang-Zhen Zhu, Li Wang, Jin-Jie Cui. 12 / 15 20. 13 / 15 14 / 15 1. Bustin SA , Benes V , Nolan T , Pfaffl MW . Quantitative real-time RT-PCRÐa perspective . Journal of

Gemcitabine treatment induces endoplasmic reticular (ER) stress and subsequently upregulates urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) to block mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis in Panc-1 cancer stem-like cells (CSCs)

Conceptualization: Bole Tian. Data curation: Weiguo Wang, Yunjie Zhu. Funding acquisition: Bole Tian. Methodology: Li Wang. Project administration: Yi Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Li Wang, Yang Chen ... . Writing ± review & editing: Bole Tian. Investigation: Li Wang, Yi Zhang, Weiguo Wang, Yunjie Zhu, Yang Chen. 15 / 18 16 / 18 36. 1. Siegel R , Ma J , Zou Z , Jemal A . Cancer statistics, 2014 . CA Cancer

Bevacizumab and risk of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with brain metastases: a meta-analysis

Administration of bevacizumab to patients with brain metastases (BM) is controversial due to concerns about the increased risk of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). This meta-analysis assessed whether the risk of ICH increases in BM patients receiving treatments that contain bevacizumab versus without. PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Library and annual meeting abstracts of the American ...

Benefit of early discharge among patients with low-risk pulmonary embolism

, Craig I. Coleman, Gregory J. Fermann, Jeff Schein, Concetta Crivera. Data curation: Li Wang, Onur Baser. Formal analysis: Li Wang, Onur Baser. Writing ± original draft: Li Wang, Onur Baser, Phil Wells ... , W. Frank Peacock, Craig I. Coleman, Gregory J. Fermann, Jeff Schein, Concetta Crivera. Writing ± review & editing: Li Wang, Onur Baser, Phil Wells, W. Frank Peacock, Craig I. Coleman, Gregory J

Controlled ovulation of the dominant follicle using progestin in minimal stimulation in poor responders

The use of progestin (P) during ovarian stimulation is effective in blocking the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge in women with normal ovarian reserve, however, its effects have not been determined in poor responders. This study aimed to explore the follicular dynamics in P-primed minimal stimulation in poor responders. A total of 204 infertile women with diminished ovarian reserve ...

Identification and trichothecene genotypes of Fusarium graminearum species complex from wheat in Taiwan

Background Fusarium head blight (FHB) of wheat caused by Fusarium graminearum species complex (FGSC) is a devastating disease worldwide. The pathogens not only reduce the yield of wheat, but also impact the quality of wheat by contamination with trichothecene mycotoxins. A systematic investigation on the pathogens of FHB in Taiwan is lacking. Here, molecular and morphological ...

Pioglitazone ameliorates glomerular NLRP3 inflammasome activation in apolipoprotein E knockout mice with diabetes mellitus

. Funding acquisition: Xiaochen Yuan. Methodology: Bo Yu, Fengyu Zhang, Xiaochen Yuan. Project administration: Yao Wang, Bo Yu, Li Wang. Resources: Bo Yu, Li Wang. Software: Li Wang. Supervision: Ming

VISTA deficiency attenuates antibody-induced arthritis and alters macrophage gene expression in response to simulated immune complexes

In addition to activated T cells, the immune checkpoint inhibitor “V domain-containing Ig suppressor of T-cell activation” (VISTA) is expressed by myeloid cell types, including macrophages and neutrophils. The importance of VISTA expression by myeloid cells to antibody-induced arthritis and its potential for relevance in human disease was evaluated. VISTA was immunolocalized in ...

Treatment Persistence and Clinical Outcomes of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor Cycling or Switching to a New Mechanism of Action Therapy: Real-world Observational Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in the United States with Prior Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor Therapy

time of the analysis, Wenhui Wei was an employee of Sanofi. Keith Knapp is an employee and stockholder of Discus Analytics, LLC. Li Wang is an employee of STATinMED Research, which is a paid consultant

Burden of Clostridium difficile-associated disease among patients residing in nursing homes: a population-based cohort study

Background Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection (CDI) is the leading cause of nosocomial diarrhea in the United States. This study aimed to examine the incidence of CDI and evaluate mortality and economic burden of CDI in an elderly population who reside in nursing homes (NHs). Methods This was a population-based retrospective cohort study focusing on US NHs by linking ...

Construction and analyses of the microRNA-target gene differential regulatory network in thyroid carcinoma

Thyroid-carcinoma (THCA) is the most common malignancy with an increasing incidence. Recent evidence has emphasized the role of microRNA (miRNA) in THCA. However, knowledge concerning the roles of miRNAs in THCA is still limited. We therefore use a miRNA-target gene differential regulatory network (MGDRN) to identify key miRNAs and characterize their synergistic regulation in THCA. ...