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Current status and future prospects of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for liver fibrosis

. Compliance with ethics guidelines Yang GUO, Bo CHEN, Li-jun CHEN, Chun-feng ZHANG, and Charlie XIANG declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain any studies with human or

A New Myco-Heterotrophic Genus, Yunorchis, and the Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships of the Tribe Calypsoeae (Epidendroideae, Orchidaceae) Inferred from Plastid and Nuclear DNA Sequences

We identified a new holomycotrophic orchid that is related to the myco-heterotrophic Calypsoeae. Because chloroplast genes are primarily lacking or are highly divergent, key morphological characters are either reduced or lost from many myco-heterotrophs, and the phylogenetic relationships of weakly supported paraphyletic Calypsoeae within Epidendroideae have been poorly...

Experience of treating high risk prostate hyperplasia patients with a HPS120 laser

Background The aim of this study was to investigate the effects and safety of 120 watt PVP surgery for the high risk prostate hyperplasia patients. Methods 120 watt PVP surgery was performed on 120 cases of high risk prostate hyperplasia patients. The assessment included the operation time, energy consumed, hemoglobin changes, and serum salt concentration, whether to keep urinary...

The Anther Steps onto the Stigma for Self-Fertilization in a Slipper Orchid

Background Due to the spatial separation between male and female pollen grains from the anther of most flowering plants, including orchids, pollens are transported by wind or animals and deposited onto the receptive surface of the stigma of a different plant. However, self-pollination is common in pollinating animal-scarce habitats. In such habitats, self-pollinations require the...

Adding Perches for Cross-Pollination Ensures the Reproduction of a Self-Incompatible Orchid

Background Outcrossing is known to carry genetic advantages in comparison with inbreeding. In many cases, flowering plants develop a self-incompatibility mechanism, along with a floral component adaptation mechanism, to avoid self-pollination and to promote outbreeding. Orchids commonly have a lip in their flower that functions as the a visiting plate for insect pollinators...

Sinocurculigo, a New Genus of Hypoxidaceae from China Based on Molecular and Morphological Evidence

Background The monocot family Hypoxidaceae consists of nine genera with nearly 200 species. They occur mostly in the Southern Hemisphere with only a few species in the Northern Hemisphere, of which three genera, Hypoxis, Molineria, and Curculigo, with eight species are distributed in China. Recently, we have found a hypoxid-like plant in China that is quite different in floral...

A New Orchid Genus, Danxiaorchis, and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Tribe Calypsoeae

-Wen Zhai Guo-Qiang Zhang Li-Jun Chen Xin-Ju Xiao Ke-Wei Liu Wen-Chieh Tsai Yu- Yun Hsiao Huai-Zhen Tian Jia-Qiang Zhu Mei-Na Wang Fa-Guo Wang Fu-Wu Xing Zhong- Ji n Liu Maria Anisimova, Swiss Federal

Predicted Disappearance of Cephalantheropsis obcordata in Luofu Mountain Due to Changes in Rainfall Patterns

Background In the past century, the global average temperature has increased by approximately 0.74°C and extreme weather events have become prevalent. Recent studies have shown that species have shifted from high-elevation areas to low ones because the rise in temperature has increased rainfall. These outcomes challenge the existing hypothesis about the responses of species to...

Paraholcoglossum and Tsiorchis, Two New Orchid Genera Established by Molecular and Morphological Analyses of the Holcoglossum Alliance

Background Holcoglossum is a small orchid genus of 12 species ranging from SW China to Thailand and NE India. Although molecular and morphological analyses have been performed to establish the phylogenetic relationships within this genus, the interspecific relations and its relations with allied genera, such as Rhynchostylis, Aerides and Vanda, remain unclear. Methodology...

Classical swine fever virus failed to activate nuclear factor-kappa b signaling pathway both in vitro and in vivo

Li-Jun Chen 0 Xiao-Ying Dong 0 Ming-Qiu Zhao Hai-Yan Shen Jia-Ying Wang Jing-Jing Pei Wen-Jun Liu Yong-Wen Luo Chun-Mei Ju Jin-Ding Chen 0 Equal contributors College of Veterinary Medicine, South

Influence of specific HSP70 domains on fibril formation of the yeast prion protein Ure2

Li-Qiong Xu Si Wu Alexander K. Buell Samuel I. A. Cohen Li-Jun Chen Wan-Hui Hu Sarah A. Cusack Laura S. Itzhaki Hong Zhang Tuomas P. J. Knowles Christopher M. Dobson Mark E. Welland Gary W. Jones

A New Molecular Phylogeny and a New Genus, Pendulorchis, of the Aerides–Vanda Alliance (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae)

Alliance (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) Guo-Qiang Zhang Ke-Wei Liu Li-Jun Chen Xin-Ju Xiao Jun-Wen Zhai Li-Qiang Li Jing Cai Yu-Yun Hsiao Wen-Hui Rao Jie Huang Xue-Yong Ma Shih-Wen Chung Lai- Qiang Huang Wen

Downregulation of Lysyl Oxidase and Upregulation of Cellular Thiols in Rat Fetal Lung Fibroblasts Treated with Cigarette Smoke Condensate

Lysyl oxidase (LO), a copper-dependent enzyme, plays a critical role in the formation and repair of the extracellular matrix (ECM) by catalyzing the crosslinking of elastin and collagen. To better understand mechanisms of cigarette smoke (CS)-induced emphysema, we examined changes in LO and its substrates, i.e., elastin and collagen type I, the major components of cellular thiols...