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Of genes and microbes: solving the intricacies in host genomes

China (No. 31771481); Jun Wang and Liang Chen are supported by the Key Research Program of Chinese Academy of Science Grant No. KFZD-SW-219, “China Microbiome Initiative”. We are extremely grateful for ... D receptor. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Jun Wang, Liang Chen, Na Zhao, Xizhan Xu, Yakun Xu and Baoli Zhu declare that they have no conflict of interest. OPEN ACCESS This article is

Research on Vertical Coupling Dynamics of Monorail Vehicle at Finger-Band

In view of the fact that exhibits monorail transportation in recent years, the good situation and the lack of straddle-type monorail vehicle vertical dynamics research, the key problems of vertical vibration were studied in this paper: The vertical coupling is between walking tires and finger-band. A dynamic model based on the vertical equivalent stiffness of tire is proposed...

Stroke risk and outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease: Two nationwide studies

Contributions Conceptualization: Yih-Giun Cherng, Chao-Shun Lin, Chun-Chuan Shih, Yung-Ho Hsu, Chun-Chieh Yeh, Chaur-Jong Hu, Ta-Liang Chen, Chien-Chang Liao. Data curation: Chien-Chang Liao. Formal analysis ... -Chang Liao. Methodology: Yih-Giun Cherng, Chao-Shun Lin, Chun-Chuan Shih, Yung-Ho Hsu, Chun Chieh Yeh, Chaur-Jong Hu, Ta-Liang Chen, Chien-Chang Liao. Project administration: Chun-Chuan Shih, Ta-Liang

Acute toxicity and genotoxicity of silver nanoparticle in rats

. Formal analysis: Hairuo Wen, Mo Dan, Ying Yang, Jianjun Lyu. Funding acquisition: Mo Dan, Liming Xu. Investigation: Hairuo Wen, Mo Dan, Ying Yang, Jianjun Lyu, Anliang Shao, Xiang Cheng, Liang Chen ... . Methodology: Hairuo Wen, Mo Dan, Xiang Cheng, Liang Chen. Project administration: Hairuo Wen, Liming Xu. Resources: Anliang Shao, Xiang Cheng. Supervision: Liming Xu. Validation: Liming Xu. Visualization

Inference of kinship using spatial distributions of SNPs for genome-wide association studies

Background Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) are powerful in identifying genetic loci which cause complex traits of common diseases. However, it is well known that inappropriately accounting for pedigree or population structure leads to spurious associations. GWASs have often encountered increased type I error rates due to the correlated genotypes of cryptically related...

Pure and hybrid crowds in crowdfunding markets

Background Crowdfunding has risen rapidly as a way of raising funds to support projects such as art projects, charity projects, and new ventures. It is very important to understand how crowds in the crowdfunding market are organized to carry out various activities. This study documents and compares two crowd designs for crowdfunding, namely pure crowds, where all crowd members...

Small population bias and sampling effects in stochastic mortality modelling

used to exploit data from larger populations. Acknowledgements Liang Chen is in receipt of an Actuarial Research Centre PhD scholarship funded by the Faculty of Actuaries Endowment Fund and the Institute

miR-324-3p promotes gastric cancer development by activating Smad4-mediated Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway

Background Emerging evidence suggested that miRNAs can function as oncogenes or tumor suppressors by regulating downstream target genes. miR-324-3p has been reported to function in several carcinomas, but its role in gastric cancer (GC) is still unknown. This study aims to explore the effects of miR-324-3p on the development of GC. Methods Expression of miR-324-3p was examined in...

Diabetes risks and outcomes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients: Two nationwide population-based retrospective cohort studies

Insurance, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, or the National Health Research Institutes. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chao-Shun Lin, Chien-Chang Liao. Data curation: Ta-Liang Chen, Chien-Chang ... Liao. Formal analysis: Chien-Chang Liao. Funding acquisition: Chao-Shun Lin, Ta-Liang Chen, Chien-Chang Liao. Investigation: Chao-Shun Lin, Chih-Chung Liu, Chun-Chieh Yeh, Yi-Cheng Chang, Chi-Li Chung

An efficacy analysis of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis and follow-up of polymyositis and dermatomyositis

Huang, Bao-xiang Gao, He Chen, Min-xing Yang, Xiao-liang Chen, Ran Yan. Methodology: Xiao-liang Chen, Xin Lu, Kai-ning Shi, Queenie Chan. Project administration: Zhen-guo Huang. Software: He Chen, Kai

Evaluation of a liquid culture system in the detection of mycobacteria at an antituberculosis institution in China; A retrospective study

Objective A retrospective study comparing the diagnostic performance of the BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 system (M960 system; BD Worldwide, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA) with Löwenstein–Jensen (L–J) culture to detect mycobacteria in sputum specimens from patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

Examining the gender difference in the association between metabolic syndrome and the mean leukocyte telomere length

preventing disease progression. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Wei-Liang Chen. Data curation: Wei-Liang Chen. Formal analysis: Yuan-Yuei Cheng, Tung-Wei Kao, Wei-Liang Chen. Funding acquisition ... : Wei-Liang Chen. 8 / 11 Investigation: Yuan-Yuei Cheng, Tung-Wei Kao, Yaw-Wen Chang, Chen-Jung Wu, Li-Wei Wu, Hui-Fang Yang, Fang-Yih Liaw, Wei-Liang Chen. Project administration: Yuan-Yuei Cheng, Tung

Outcomes after major surgery in patients with myasthenia gravis: A nationwide matched cohort study

Objective To validate the comprehensive features of adverse outcomes after surgery for patients with myasthenia gravis. Methods Using reimbursement claims from Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database, we analyzed 2290 patients who received major surgery between 2004 and 2010 and were diagnosed with myasthenia gravis preoperatively. Surgical patients without...

An inverse eigenproblem for generalized reflexive matrices with normal $k+1$-potencies

GENERALIZED REFLEXIVE MATRICES WITH NORMAL {K + 1}-POTENCIES∗ WEI-RU XU† AND GUO-LIANG CHEN† AMS subject classifications. 65F18, 15A51, 15A18, 15A12. 1. Introduction. Let rank(A), A* and A† be the rank

Differential autophagic effects of vital dyes in retinal pigment epithelial ARPE-19 and photoreceptor 661W cells

Indocyanine green (ICG) and brilliant blue G (BBG) are commonly used vital dyes to remove internal limiting membrane (ILM) in vitreoretinal surgery. The vital dyes have shown cytotoxic effects in ocular cells. Autophagy is a stress responsive pathway for either protecting cells or promoting cell death. However, the role of autophagy in ocular cells in response to the vital dyes...

Chinese Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Child Version of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire

This study aimed to validate a Chinese’s adaption of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire for children (CERQ-Ck). This self-report instrument evaluates nine cognitive emotion regulation strategies that can be used by children after experiencing a negative life event. The CERQ-Ck was evaluated in a sample of 1403 elementary students between the ages of 9 and 11 by using...