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Comparative Analyses between Skeletal Muscle miRNAomes from Large White and Min Pigs Revealed MicroRNAs Associated with Postnatal Muscle Hypertrophy

The molecular mechanism regulated by microRNAs (miRNAs) that underlies postnatal hypertrophy of skeletal muscle is complex and remains unclear. Here, the miRNAomes of longissimus dorsi muscle collected at five postnatal stages (60, 120, 150, 180, and 210 days after birth) from Large White (commercial breed) and Min pigs (indigenous breed of China) were analyzed by Illumina...

The Influence of Chronic Ego Depletion on Goal Adherence: An Experience Sampling Study

Although ego depletion effects have been widely observed in experiments in which participants perform consecutive self-control tasks, the process of ego depletion remains poorly understood. Using the strength model of self-control, we hypothesized that chronic ego depletion adversely affects goal adherence and that mental effort and motivation are involved in the process of ego...

Genome-Wide Scan Reveals LEMD3 and WIF1 on SSC5 as the Candidates for Porcine Ear Size

) Wrote the paper: LZ JL. Conceived and performed the experiments: LZ JL Lixian Wang. Performed the data analysis: WL Ligang Wang. Collected the data: XL YZ HS. Participated in the discussions: HY KZ ... . Revised the manuscript: LZ JL. Read and approved the final manuscript: LZ Lixian Wang Ligang Wang JL WL XL HY KZ HS YZ. 1. Zhang ZG , Li BD , Chen XH ( 1986 ) Pig Breeds in China . Shanghai: Shanghai

Space-and-Time Efficient Parallel Garbage Collector for Data-Intensive Applications

Shaoshan Liu Ligang Wang Xiao-Feng Li Jean-Luc Gaudiot As multithreaded server applications and runtime systems prevail, garbage collection is becoming an essential feature to support high

Genome-Wide Association Studies Identify the Loci for 5 Exterior Traits in a Large White × Minzhu Pig Population

LZ Ligang Wang. Performed the experiments: Ligang Wang LZ NL XL JL HY LP. Analyzed the data: Ligang Wang LZ NL XL JL HY. Contributed reagents/ materials/analysis tools: KZ HS YZ. Wrote the paper ... : Ligang Wang. 1. Fan B , Onteru SK , Du ZQ , Garrick DJ , Stalder KJ , et al. ( 2011 ) Genome-wide association study identifies Loci for body composition and structural soundness traits in pigs . PLoS One

Genome-Wide Copy Number Variations Inferred from SNP Genotyping Arrays Using a Large White and Minzhu Intercross Population

Quantitative PCR (QPCR) for CNVR243. (DOCX) Conceived and designed the experiments: Ligang Wang XL LZ Lixian Wang. Performed the experiments: Ligang Wang XL. Analyzed the data: Ligang Wang. Contributed reagents ... /materials/analysis tools: Lixian Wang XL LZ HY WL KZ JL DC SC XS XM. Wrote the paper: Ligang Wang. 1. Feuk L , Carson AR , Scherer SW. ( 2006 ) Structural variation in the human genome . Nat Rev Genet 7 ( 2

A study of miRNAs targets prediction and experimental validation

microRNAs (miRNAs) are 20–24 nucleotide (nt) RNAs that regulate eukaryotic gene expression post-transcriptionally by the degradation or translational inhibition of their target messenger RNAs (mRNAs). To identify miRNA target genes will help a lot by understanding their biological functions. Sophisticated computational approaches for miRNA target prediction, and effective...

Intraoperative Fluorescence-Guided Resection of High-Grade Malignant Gliomas Using 5-Aminolevulinic Acid–Induced Porphyrins: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies

Background We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to address the (added) value of intraoperative 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA)-guided resection of high-grade malignant gliomas compared with conventional neuronavigation-guided resection, with respect to diagnostic accuracy, extent of tumor resection, safety, and survival. Methods and Findings An electronic database...

Expression and Localization of Mitochondrial Ferritin mRNA in Alzheimer's Disease Cerebral Cortex

Mitochondrial ferritin (MtF) has been identified as a novel ferritin encoded by an intron-lacking gene with specific mitochondrial localization located on chromosome 5q23.1. MtF has been associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as Friedreich ataxia and restless leg syndrome. However, little information is available about MtF in Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this study...

MiR-106a is an independent prognostic marker in patients with glioblastoma

Background Very little is known regarding correlation of micro RNA (miR)–106a with clinical outcomes of patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This study determined whether miR-106a could be used as an independent prognostic biomarker in those patients.