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Hyperuricemia and coronary heart disease mortality: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies

Background Hyperuricemia may be associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality; however, the results from prospective studies are conflicting. The objective of this study was to assess the association between hyperuricemia and risk of CHD mortality by performing a meta-analysis. Methods Pubmed and Embase were searched for relevant prospective cohort...

Danhong Injection (a Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine) for Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

extraction, and risk of bias assessment were performed by Juming Huang and Ruixiang Zeng. Data verification and analysis were carried out by Pengda Liao, Lei Wang, and Liheng Guo. Minzhou Zhang provided

Efficacy of Danlou Tablet in Patients with Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Results from a Multicentre, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Trial

Wang,1,2 Xujie Zhao,1,2 Shuai Mao,1,2 Shaonan Liu,3 Xinfeng Guo,3 Liheng Guo,1,2 Tinghai Du,4 Haiyu Yang,5 Fuhai Zhao,6 Keng Wu,7 Hongliang Cong,8 Yang Wu,9 Phillip C. Yang,10 Keji Chen,6 and Minzhou ... randomization and concealment for this study; Lei Wang, Liheng Guo, Tinghai Du, Fuhai Zhao, Keng Wu, Hongliang Cong, and Yang Wu performed this study; Keji Chen and Phillip C. Yang made critical revision of the

Lung ultrasound is a reliable method for evaluating extravascular lung water volume in rodents

Backgroud Lung ultrasound (LUS) can diagnose extravacular lung water (EVLW) through the visualization of B lines in both humans and large animals. However, there are no published data on the use of ultrasound to detect EVLW in rats, the gold standard to evaluate of EVLW in rats is post-mortem gravimetric analysis. The present study was designed to determine the similarity between...

Tongguan Capsule Protects against Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury in Mice

Myocardial ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) can induce lethal ventricular arrhythmia and myocardial infarction. One of the clinical strategies for managing patients with high risk of myocardial I/R is to prevent the occurrence of arrhythmias and limit the size of infarction following a coronary episode. Tongguan Capsule (TGC) is one of the popular herbal remedies in treating coronary...

Exome Sequencing Identifies Compound Heterozygous Mutations in CYP4V2 in a Pedigree with Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a heterogeneous group of progressive retinal degenerations characterized by pigmentation and atrophy in the mid-periphery of the retina. Twenty two subjects from a four-generation Chinese family with RP and thin cornea, congenital cataract and high myopia is reported in this study. All family members underwent complete ophthalmologic examinations...