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The Us Approach To Recognition And Enforcement Of Awards After Set-Asides: The Impact Of The Pemex Decision

By Linda Silberman and Nathan Yaffe, Published on 01/01/17 ... FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL Fordham International Law Journal Linda Silberman Nathan Yaffey - 2017 Article 4 y Copyright c 2017 by the authors. Fordham International Law Journal is produced

Comparative Jurisdiction in the International Context: Will the Proposed Hague Judgements Convention be Stalled?

. 1968. University of Michigan Law School. © 2002, Linda Silberman. This article reflects the collaborations and co-authorships of related papers with my colleague, Andreas Lowenfeld. and as always. I am

The New York Convention After Fifty Years: Some Reflections on the Role of National Law

THE NEW YORK CONVENTION AFTER FIFTY YEARS: SOME Linda Silberman - II. THE PROBLEM OF SET-ASIDES AND ARTICLE V(1)(e) OF THE Im. PROCEDURAL RULES FOR ENFORCEMENT OF AWARDS: JURISDICTION AND FORUM ... .), reprintedin 2007 REVUE DE L'ARBITRAGE 507 (2007). An English translation of excerpts of the decision by Richard Hulbert can be found in Linda Silberman & Richard Hulbert, International Commercial Arbitration