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A New Calibration Method for the Real-Time Calculation of Dynamic Safety Following Distance under Railway Moving Block System

Only the actual following distance that is a little greater than the optimum safety following distance at any time can make the following train move in safety and efficiency. For this purpose, a new calibration method is studied for the real-time calculation of the dynamically optimum safety following distance. To cope with the complex situations of train following operation, the...

Serum Antioxidant Parameters are Significantly Increased in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus after Consumption of Chinese Propolis: A Randomized Controlled Trial Based on Fasting Serum Glucose Level

grant from the Nutrition and Science Foundation of By-Health Co., Ltd. (no. TY0111102). Disclosures. Weina Gao, Lingling Pu, Jingyu Wei, Zhanxin Yao, Yawen Wang, Tala Shi, Liting Zhao, Changya Jiao, and ... , Tala Shi, and Liting Zhao performed the experiments. Weina Gao, Liting Zhao, and Changya Jiao analyzed the data. Weina Gao, Lingling Pu, and Changjiang Guo prepared the manuscript. Bagnati R. Chemical