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A brief history of the Coriolis force

Institute for Sea Research on Texel, The Netherlands. His main areas of interest are internal waves in the ocean and coastal dynamics. Besides, he dabbles in the history of physics and oceanography. Louis ... Gostiaux is a CNRS researcher at the LEGI, University of Grenoble, France. His topics of interest are oceanic internal waves and stratified fluid mechanics, mainly using laboratory and field observation. no

Internal Wave Turbulence Near a Texel Beach

A summer bather entering a calm sea from the beach may sense alternating warm and cold water. This can be felt when moving forward into the sea (‘vertically homogeneous’ and ‘horizontally different’), but also when standing still between one’s feet and body (‘vertically different’). On a calm summer-day, an array of high-precision sensors has measured fast temperature-changes up...