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Post-keratoplasty astigmatism management by relaxing incisions: a systematic review

Postoperative visual acuity can be limited by post-keratoplasty astigmatism, even with a clear corneal graft. Astigmatism management can be performed by selective suture removal, adjustment of sutures, optical correction, photorefractive procedures, wedge resection, intra-ocular lens implantation, intracorneal ring segments, relaxing incisions with or without compression sutures...

Repertoire of free-living protozoa in contact lens solutions

Background The repertoire of free-living protozoa in contact lens solutions is poorly known despite the fact that such protozoa may act as direct pathogens and may harbor intra-cellular pathogens. Methods Between 2009 and 2014, the contact lens solutions collected from patients presenting at our Ophthalmology Department for clinically suspected keratitis, were cultured on non...

Aggregatibacter aphrophilus chronic lacrimal canaliculitis: a case report

Background Chronic canaliculitis is often misdiagnosed as conjunctivitis, delaying proper documentation and management. Aggregatibacter aphrophillus has not been implicated in chronic canaliculitis. Case presentation We report a case of unilateral chronic epiphora associated with chronic lacrimal canaliculitis resistant to prolonged topical antibiotic treatment in a 65-year-old...

Dolosigranulum pigrum keratitis: a three-case series

Background Dolosigranulum pigrum is a commensal inhabitant of the upper respiratory tract suspected to be responsible for ocular infections but no well-described case of D. pigrum corneal infection has been reported. Herein culture and PCR-sequencing-based investigations of corneal scraping specimens confirmed D. pigrum keratitis in three patients. Case presentation Three elderly...

Nocardia transvalensis keratitis: an emerging pathology among travelers returning from Asia

Elodie Trichet 0 Stphan Cohen-Bacrie John Conrath 0 Michel Drancourt Louis Hoffart 0 0 Service d'ophtalmologie, Hopital de la Timone, Assistance Publique- Hopitaux de Marseille , Marseille , France